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Little Felt Car – Tutorial 05/16/2023


Today we are going to make a little felt car, a classic car, appreciated and loved by many and that to certain generations it recalls beautiful memories.

For this reason, this car is ideal to decorate parties for grownups and little ones. We start with a simple design to elaborate which you can customize according to the colors you select or include embroidered details such as the name of your friends, flowers, etc.


  • Felt in various colors
  • Yarns in the colors of the felt you will use
  • Wadding
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and scissors
  • Some accessories like small buttons, beads, etc.
  • Metallic ring

Regarding the selection of the colors of the felt, follow your instinct, but I make this suggestion, select shades of the same color, one light and another a little darker, for example light blue and blue, or carry out tests with the colors of your choice. What matters is to achieve a contrast with the parts of the car. Download our free pattern to guide you through this process.

Cut all the indicated pieces, almost all require 2 units. Since these are small parts, place them in order so you don’t lose them.

Sew all the pieces that make up each side of the car, front and back, to do so, embroider using simple stitches or a satin stitch. With the exception of the defenses, these are sewn at the end.

Embroider using 2 threads, for small pieces or details use 1 thread.

Join the front and back parts of the car, in this step place the ribbon that will help hold the key ring, the tires are two pieces of folded black felt, put them in place, likewise the mirrors. Insert a little wadding. If necessary, pin the pieces to facilitate the embroidery.

Embroider the pieces of the car, front and rear, here you can see what stitches I have applied to each piece, how the mirrors and tires have turned out.

As a final step, sew the bumper and the license plate, another detail is to sew the windshields with black thread.

It will surely be a fun souvenir for those who like this little car.

Let yourself be inspired by creating many colorful little cars. Use them as decorations or give them as gifts to the children in your Baby Transport themed party. Choose between the printable digital kit or the Party Box.

The idea is inspired by the little car favor box, which can be purchased separately.

Piacere di rendere speciale la tua festa

Eli R.

Posted in: DIY projects

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