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Strawberry shaped hand sanitizer holder in crochet, Pattern 2020/05/11

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We come with a very cute and fun novelty for you making these moments more pleasant


  • 1 small bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Nylon thread in the colors pink and green, number 2
  • Number 2 needle
  • Embroidery needle

You can adapt these instructions to any sketch you have, in case it is larger or smaller just get the quantity of needed chains to surround the top, remember that this number of chains must be a pair. You can also adjust the quantity of rounds to get the adequate height


Body of the Strawberry (pink color)

1. 16 chain stitches [16]

2. 16 half double crochet [16]

3. 3 double crochets, 1 increase [20]

4. -11. 20 double crochets [20]

12. (3 single stitches, 1 increase)x5 [25]

Leaves (green color)

1. 24 single stitches in a magic ring [24]

2. 3 chain stitches in the air and 1 double crochet in the same stitch, 2 double crochets on the next stitch, close the 4 stitches and create a picot stitch of 3 chain stitches, we go down with 4 chain stitches and close the second stitch, we slide to the next stitch and repeat the process, each leave is made in 2 stitches. Close

We get 12 leaves total, almost like the strawberries

The back part will be were the changes of round go, on that side we sew the leaves of the strawberry in a symmetric way, sew with a green thread and the embroidery needle.

With some chain stitches we create a small handle to hold a button and knit another handle to hold on to our bag.

You will be able to hang the pouch on the handle of your bag, to always have it on hand

I hope you have liked it!

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Eli R.

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  • Fresaportagel
    By: Mariela On 19/07/2023

    Es una idea preciosa, qué bonita queda la funda de fresa! Besitos

  • Crochet thread
    By: Dori Gunderson On 28/01/2023

    What brand of crochet nylon is used? Thank you.

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