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With our products you have the opportunity to make up your party with a unique style! Also, you can customize it with exclusive themes and designs, and above all, you can set it up as you like, choosing the products you want digitally or with a finished product.

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Make up your party

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Table setting menu customized

Leave a menu propped on each guest's plate with the food you will have served at your party. An elegant decorative element as well as a way to anticipate a fundamental part of each event....

Digital table setting menu customized

The menu tells you how the meal of your important event will be carried out. Place them next to each of your guests' plates to decorate the mise en place. Receive in your email a PDF file...

Digital table menu CUSTOMIZED

Present the food for the party in advance by marking them on the customized menu for your event and place the cards on the prepared table, they will also be a decoration. Receive in your...


Delight the palate of your guests by presenting the dishes you have chosen for lunch or dinner and write them on the table menu customized for you. The menus are self-supporting thanks to...

Rectangular customized box

Giving small moments of sweetness is a gesture of gratitude to guests and friends and that's why sugared almonds are the ideal candy. For your important moments, especially religious and...

Rectangular customized digital box

On special occasions, especially religious events, it is customary to give candies to guests and acquaintances so it is best to do it in style: in a customized box for your special moment....

Digital bag customized for sweets

Give your guests a small gift to thank them for their presence, with this bag you can give candies, chocolates or small objects. Receive in your email an A4 file in PDF format with a bag to...

Digital customized pencil bookmark

To give a small gift to your guests or to use as a decorative placeholder, use these customized bookmarks for your event, to which you can add a pencil or pen by tying it with a colored ribbon....

Bookmark with pencil customized

Customized bookmark to remind your guests of your party, even in moments of relaxation while reading. Included is a wooden pencil tied with a colored ribbon, all in harmony with the chosen theme....

Nutella B-ready customized label

Nutella B ready snacks are appreciated by both adults and children, they bring that extra touch of sweetness that can't be missing in the best party buffets. Receive an A4 sheet in PDF format...

Nutella B ready customized

Nutella B Ready snacks are a must on the sweet table to make your perfect party even sweeter. Minimum order of 5 pieces, you will receive the Nutella B ready snacks already wrapped in...

Soap bubble tube customized

Fragile and fascinating: soap bubbles are a game that children will play endlessly. This transparent tube of soap bubbles, containing 30 ml of liquid is sealed with shrink film to avoid...

Digital bag closing tag customized

Customized labels for your event to decorate and accurately close bags or paper bags for guests to take home a party souvenir in a comfortable and non-bulky way. Receive by mail an A4 sheet...

Bag closing label Adhesive customized

Adhesive labels customized with the theme of your event to close paper bags or coin purses containing candies, candied almonds, gifts or party favors to give to guests so they can take them...

triangular box digital customized

At the end of each party it is customary to give the guests a small gift to thank them for their presence. With the long triangle-shaped boxes you can give a symbolic object or something...

triangle box customized

Elongated triangle-shaped boxes to contain candied almonds, candies, chocolates or small gifts to give to guests as a thank you for their presence. The customized boxes with the theme of your...

customized crayons Set

A cute little set of  6 wax crayons to give to the little ones during or at the end of the party. The packaging is decorated with the theme chosen for the event. Minimum order 6 pieces...

Set of colored pencils customized

From €1.63
Set of  short colored wooden pencils ideal to make a gift to the guests thanking them for their presence or to entertain the children during the party. The cardboard packaging is customized...

Nutella 25 g mini jar customized

A delicious cream born in the 60's that conquered the world, now available in a 25 g mini jar customized for your party: a real gem to add to your dessert buffet, ideal also to use as an...

Nutella 15 g customized

770 million jars sold every year: the most famous spreading cream in the world It will certainly be appreciated on your dessert buffet, customized with the theme of your party thanks to the...

Digital Pillow box customized

The pillow-shaped boxes are versatile and very useful to deliver candied almonds, candies or small gifts to guests, you can leave them on the dessert buffet or give them away at the end of the...

Pillow box customized

Pillow-shaped box to put in candied almonds, candies or small gifts to give to the guests during or at the end of the party as a thank you for their presence. A beautiful little box to...

Book-shaped cardboard box for almonds

As a gesture of affection, especially for religious celebrations, candied almonds are given to guests and often even to acquaintances. With this customized box in the shape of a book, finely...

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