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How to create the tin man 11/07/2017


Decorate our garden with this funny tin man inspired by the Wizard of Oz story.


  • 1 very large tin for the chest
  • 1 tin for the head (smaller than the chest)
  • 4 tins (arms and legs)
  • 2 medium tins
  • 2 small tins
  • Eyes: bottle caps, metal bottle caps, packing ring
  • Galvanized iron wire
  • Nail and hammer
  • Glue 
  • Heart

It’s important to wash the tins as we accumulate them over time.

The little man starts to form by evaluating the tins’ proportions, verifying if it is necessary to use bigger or smaller ones; mark the dots with the same color where we will have to make the holes to put together the different parts.

Use a nail and the hammer to make the holes: you will need 2 holes on the upper part to join the head and one on the lower part to join the hands and feet; the previous picture works as reference.

With the wire form the ‘unions’: I recommend that you use flexible and thinner wire than the one I am showing you.

As you can see, I used an air inlet duct to form the body; fortunately it is flexible and I have connected my arms and legs with a thinner wire. It’s possible to use a bigger tin.

Here the body already joined

For the eyes I looked for jar caps, metal bottle caps, packing rings and any other thing that can help give it the desired shape. Tip: white glue resists more.

With the nails I shaped the mouth and I drilled the head in the back to put a cord that will work to hang the tin man anywhere.

Here is our tin man in the entrance of the party waiting for the guests.

The story tells that the tin man wanted to go to the Wizard of OZ to ask for a real heart, which is why I placed a wool crochet heart. Here you´ll remember how to make it.

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It is a pleasure to make your party special

Eli R.


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