Personalized theme parties

To celebrate your birthday in an original and fun way, there is nothing better than organizing a customized theme party! You can choose among all the patterns, the one you prefer according with the age of who you are celebrating, their passions or a special feature which makes them unique!

Personalized theme parties

  • Printable party kit
  • Party box
  • Invitations
    <p> The party begins with the invitations!</p> <p>Let your friends know the place and date of the party by delivering an invitations that will give them a taste of your party! The joy of giving an official invitation and the excitement of receiving an invitation, has no match! Choose the appropriate invitation for your party! Already printed, paper or digital version to be shared for whatsapp.</p>
  • Make up your party
    <p>With our products you have the opportunity to make up your party with a unique style! Also, you can customize it with exclusive themes and designs, and above all, you can set it up as you like, choosing the products you want digitally or with a finished product.</p>

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Pokemon. Digital party kit

From €12.30
Themed party inspired by Pokemon, the imaginary creatures inspired by our pets, the protagonists of video games born in Japan in 1996. Receive an email with the customized digital products for...

The Incredibles. paper invitations

From €1.23
Paper invitations inspired by The Incredibles, or the Parr family who dress in bright red and perform amazing deeds to save the city of Metroville from the evil Buddy Pine. Before adding them...

The Incredibles Customized Party Box

Customized Party Box inspired by The Incredibles, the Disney Pixar comedy inspired by the superhero and spy comics and movies of the sixties starring the family of undercover superheroes....

The Incredibles Digital Party Kit

From €12.30
Party inspired by The Incredibles, the family of Pixar superheroes forced to hide their powers and live a normal life, is ready to celebrate and color red the most incredible birthday party....

Neapolitan chocolates customized

Neapolitan chocolates are usually served as an accompaniment to coffee to sweeten the palate of the guests. Use them also as a nice gift at the end of the meal or place them in a little box...

Girella Motta customized labels

Customizing each dish of your buffet will make your table more harmonious and unforgettable. For this reason, Girella Motta has labels so you can customize the snacks on the...

Girella Motta customized Party Box

How good are Girella desserts! Place them individually wrapped in your candy buffet, in anti-waste and single-dose version. They will also look irresistible and beautiful because they are...

Pink carousel paper invitations

From €1.23
Pink carousel paper invitations, the carousel with horses we've all been on at least once. Let yourself be carried away by the carousel in delicate shades of pink and beautiful gold and invite...

Pink carousel digital party

From €12.30
Pink carousel themed party, ideal for celebrating occasions that involve the little ones such as baby shower or baby's first birthday christening. The carousel with pink horses adorned with...

Customized pink carousel party

Customized Party Box with pink carousel theme, the most classic amusement park attraction in gold and pink to celebrate your little one and her most beautiful childhood achievements such as baby...

Rectangular mints, customized PP case

A small rectangular box of mints with customized labels with the theme of your event to give a small gift to guests. Give a moment of freshness with sugar-free mints, to take home and consume...

Pocket mints, customized tin case

A black or white metal mint box with customized label with the theme of your event to give to your guests, who will think of you every time they eat a sweet. Also to place on the buffet or on...

lunch box Customized

A customized box in the shape of a lunch box for your event, a way to make a small gift to your guests to thank them for their presence or to offer a snack to the little ones. It has very...

Digital Table Marker CUSTOMIZED

If you have a lot of guests at your party, you can set up several tables for them to sit at during lunch or dinner. The best way for everyone to easily identify their own table is to use an...

Customized Table Markers

When you organize an event and you have many guests, you can seat them at several tables, but who sits where? With customized table markers it will be easier for your guests to locate their...

Digital box of hamburgers customized

Who knows what that customized box will contain for your party, with its unmistakable square shape! A tasty hamburger to enjoy with company during the party. Receive in your email the digital...

Customized box of hamburgers

The ideal holiday dinner is a good fast food style burger to savor even before opening the box because that particular package has already revealed its delicious contents. Make it perfect by...

blue carousel Invitation for WhatsApp

Blue carousel digital invitation to send as a WhatsApp image or share on social networks. The horse carousel that has always fascinated children because it offers emotions and magic at every...

Blue carousel paper invitations

From €1.23
Invitations on paper blue carousel, the carousel with horses on which we have all ridden at some time and that when it turns it transports us to an imaginary dimension of joy and childhood. The...

Blue Carousel Digital party kit

From €12.30
Blue carousel themed party, ideal to celebrate occasions that involve the little ones such as a baby shower or Holy Baptism. Turn on your imagination and get on the carousel of the horses that are...

blue Carousel customized party box

A customized Party Box with a blue carousel theme, the most classic of all amusement park rides that evokes the desire for elementary and childish fun, almost a dream come true. Ideal for...

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