Personalized theme parties

To celebrate your birthday in an original and fun way, there is nothing better than organizing a customized theme party! You can choose among all the patterns, the one you prefer according with the age of who you are celebrating, their passions or a special feature which makes them unique!

Personalized theme parties

  • Printable party kit
  • Party box
  • Invitations
    <p> The party begins with the invitations!</p> <p>Let your friends know the place and date of the party by delivering an invitations that will give them a taste of your party! The joy of giving an official invitation and the excitement of receiving an invitation, has no match! Choose the appropriate invitation for your party! Already printed, paper or digital version to be shared for whatsapp.</p>
  • Make up your party
    <p>With our products you have the opportunity to make up your party with a unique style! Also, you can customize it with exclusive themes and designs, and above all, you can set it up as you like, choosing the products you want digitally or with a finished product.</p>

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Plim Plim kit customized party

Customized party inspired in Plim Plim the boy clown, hero and magician. Generous and brave, always willing to help his friends say “Of Course!”. He will also help you create a colorful and fun...

Plim Plim Paper Invitations

Paper invitations inspired in Plim Plim, the boy clown star of a series of Argentinian cartoons. Thanks to his ideals, Plim Plim teaches children about generosity and solidarity in a...

Plim Plim Digital Party Kit

Party inspired in Plim Plim the clown, hero and friend of the children. Through the adventures of Plim Plim and his friends, important values are transmitted such as honesty, responsibility...

Mario Bros customized party

Personalized party inspired by Mario Bros, the fictional plumber protagonist of countless Nintendo video games who first appeared in the arcade game "Donkey Kong" to play exclusively in arcades...

Mario Bros Digital Party Kit

Party kit inspired in Mario Bros, the star of the famous videogame created in 1981 by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, which has accompanied entire fan generations. Receive an email...

Mario Bros paper invitations

Paper invitations inspired in Mario, the Nintendo plumber star of a thousand videogame’s adventures from the 80’s. Did you know that he originally was named Jumpman precisely because he jumps and...

Mario Bros digital invitation to print

Digital invitations to print inspired in Mario Bros, the plumber invented in the 1980’s in Japan and who until today has collected about 300 games, entering at first in arcades and then in homes...

Frozen digital invitation for WhatsApp

Digital invitation inspired in Frozen to invite your friends and family to celebrate your little one’s birthday together with Elsa and Anna, the Disney sisters who live an incredible adventure on...

Laurel Heart Wreath Customized Party

Laurel wreath customized theme party to receive via courier service with products ready to use for any type of even, especially for Baptisms, Communions and Confirmations. The laurel wreath is...

Laurel Heart Wreath Paper Invitations

Printable digital invitations in soft and sweet colors with a laurel wreath to print without limits from home or in a copy center and give to your friends and family. Laurel is an important...

Laurel Heart Wreath Digital Party Kit

Party kit for themed ceremonies with an elegant and simple design in the shape of a laurel wreath with small hearts resembling flowers, perfect for any ceremony, especially Baptisms, Communions...

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