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16th of February, day of impossible love 2022/02/16


The love that moves the sun and all the other stars’ wrote Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy. It is one of the most beautiful phrases there is because it means that love can move the entire Universe.

We just passed Valentine´s day celebrating love and friendship, important feelings that unite you with a person in a profound and authentic manner.

But today, 16th of February, is a day dedicated to those living a different love situation of that of a romantic scene of ‘perfumed roses and hearts’ … Love defined as ‘impossible’ is unrequited, prohibited or platonic.

In our life, we all have lived an impossible love, maybe having feelings for a dear friend’s girlfriend, for a professor or a classmate who really just put us in the friendzone. The love experiences of a one-sided unrequited love are typical of adolescence but surely some adults who are reading this have gone through them as well.

Many people, despite being in an apparently stable romantic situation, really feel that their heart belongs to another person and live imprisoned in their day to day life because they cannot live the love they so long desire.

When a lover story comes to its end, it may happen that deep inside the heart of a person this didn’t really end and that feeling must be suffocated, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth and a scar in the heart.

But not everything is lost, there is always a new chance to start over again!

Ask yourself why you are clinging to that person that does not coincide with your feelings. Is it really worth it? If you are experiencing a one-sided love, declare your love and find out if you have any chance.

And if yours is an impossible love, do not feel sorry for yourself, open all the doors and meet new people, you may be surprised by the number of possibilities in front of you.

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