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How to make a Little Donkey Piñata, Mexican Parties 2019/10/18

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Today I’m going to show you how to make a piñata in the form of a donkey,

with it you can decorate and set the mood of Mexican style parties, the measurement of the donkey is 22 cm. Ideal to decorate as a center piece or to be hanged as a garland


  • Cardboard of diverse thicknesses
  • Papier Mache
  • Paper tape
  • White glue
  • Water
  • Brushes
  • Scissors

Use a thick cardboard for the donkey’s body and a more flexible cardboard for the contour, like the one from cereal boxes

Download the mold and cut the donkey

Draw the silhouette of the donkey on the cardboard and cut 2 pieces, remember that this cardboard has to be firm

Now on the flexible cardboard, trace a strip of 5cm in width plus leaving a 1cm margin on both sides, cut and roll the strip to make it manageable and in the cm we left cut tabs as shown in the following image

Place the strip throughout the entire contour of the donkey, leaving one tab inwards and another one outwards

From the first side you can tape the internal tabs with paper tape, this way we set this first side

Now we paste the other silhouette, leaving again a tab going inwards and another one outwards, but now it’s in the external part where we’ll tape with the paper tape and this is done on both holes the tabs that go inwards leave, the tabs going outwards are cut, later on we’ll cover this spaces with pieces of paper

Let’s go the legs part, but let me tell you this step is optional because in the end you can’t tell the legs are separated

Look at the first image, with scissors make the cuts as indicated in the pointed lines, these cuts allow us to fold the cardboard inwards. With this same cardboard, make cuts to cover all the spaces and secure with paper tape or glue , don’t worry if it’s not symmetrical or perfect, a piñata is a manual job so free that you can make it however your imagination guides you, this is just an idea to develop your creativity

We cover all the spaces with paper cutouts, you can also use newspaper. So you can easily distribute the glue, it must be diluted in a disposable cup with some water. Cut strips of papier Mache of 3 cm in width and make fringe like cuts of at least 1/2 cm in width, we don’t have to be so precise..

With papier Mache cover the legs and the belly part; with a brush start distributing the glue where you will roll up the papier Mache strips, give at least 3 turns per color, there is not a rule to place the colors, it’s your free choice

When we finish lining every leg we go the the body, start applying the glue with a brush and then the papier Mache strips until reaching the upper part (spine)

In the upper part, continue covering with paper in a circle until you can’t see the donkey’s bottom, continue with the neck until reaching the ears

With white and black paper make the eyes, and with other colored paper do the reins, use magazine cutouts for these small details, this is the result, each little donkey can have the colors in a different order, do you like it? Hope you do

With this piñata we participated in the celebration of The International Day of the Handmade Blogger in the Recycling Challenge

Pleasure to make your party special

Eli R

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  • Opinión piñata burrito
    By: Sandra y Dani On 21/10/2019

    Hola Eli, nos ha encantado ver todo el procedimiento de realización de esta piñata. Hasta ahora no habíamos visto nunca cómo crear una piñata y esta que has hecho en forma de burrito nos ha gustado muchísimo :) besos

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 21/10/2019 que bueno que les gusto.. gracias por el comentario.. saludos!

  • Fiesta Handmade Blogueros
    By: Yoli-creando y fofucheando On 20/10/2019

    Me encanta la piñata! es preciooosa y un gran reciclaje de cartón, me la apunto en mi lista de pendientes ;)
    Muchos besos!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 21/10/2019 Muchisimas gracias.. mandanos fotos cuando la hagas!

  • Dia del Bloguero
    By: Diana Moriel On 19/10/2019

    Que bonita piñata! Te quedo de lo mas alegre con todos esos colores, tal como las clasicas piñatas de burrito y haz hecho un buen reciclaje!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 20/10/2019 Muchas gracias pr tu comentario y a darle a la piñata!

  • Handmade Blogueros
    By: CARMEN AGÜÍAR GIL On 19/10/2019

    Hola, vengo de la fiesta del día internacional del bloguero.
    Muy buen reciclaje, tu piñata es súper linda, ese burrito es un amor, me encanta. Muchas gracias por compartir. Mil besos

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 20/10/2019 Hola, gracias a ti por tu mensaje y por venir a visitarnos.

  • Preciosa piñata
    By: Ana (El rincón de Ana) On 19/10/2019

    Me encanta el burrito, creo que te ha quedado muy bonito y es una figura que está muy de moda. Cien por cien reciclado has creado una piñata muy chula y decorativa, además con esos colores tan alegres. Besos!!!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 20/10/2019 Gracias Ana, se puso de moda el burrito gracias al juego Fortnite :)

  • reto hadmade blogueros
    By: Consuelo Manteca Caldero On 18/10/2019

    Que bonito Eli, una piñata reciclada total, y además super colorida.
    super chulo
    besos y feliz dia

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 20/10/2019 Gracias Consuelo.. buen dia para ti también.

  • Muy bonito
    By: Isabel para Alromasar On 18/10/2019

    Es toda una explosión de color. ¡Me encanta!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 20/10/2019 muchisimas gracias!

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