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Create your own accessories: Making a fabric belt 2017/05/09


This post is dedicated to the DIY fashion moms as today I’ll propose to create a belt for special occasions. 


  • Thick cotton or nylon thread 
  • Crochet needle
  • Belt pieces 
  • Scissors 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Brown thread and needle 
  • For the belt pieces you could reuse an old or unwearable belt.

This is the diagram we will follow 

And here is the step by step, look that in the end we knit an extra chain before starting the next turn

We verify that the width of the weave matches the width of the belt’s accessories, otherwise we will have to increase or decrease stitches.

The weave needs to look as follows, always in a straight line on both sides, if we have knitted an extra stitch or missing one stitch, it will be very notorious, don’t worry! Just undo the knitting to that point and start again

For the length of the belt we can measure the waist of our model or take the length measurement from another belt

With this measurement we create the necessary length and we close the weave

We introduce each end of the belt to the accessories and sew them with an embroidering leather needle

And here is our final result, the belt matches the pants thread, this way you can coordinate the belt threads to the colors of the clothes.

It's a pleasure to make your party special

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