The party begins with the invitations!

Let your friends know the place and date of the party by delivering an invitations that will give them a taste of your party! The joy of giving an official invitation and the excitement of receiving an invitation, has no match! Choose the appropriate invitation for your party! Already printed, paper or digital version to be shared for whatsapp.

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  • Classic invitations
  • WhatsApp Digital Invitations
    <p>The new trend for invitations is that of digital invitations: files with beautiful graphics to send on WhatsApp or your favorite social media to your guests to make known all the information related to your party.</p>
  • Animated video invitations
    <p>Invite your friends in a technological, fast and eco friendly way with a message! But not a simple message: it will be a real <strong>video</strong> accompanied by <strong>music</strong> that will be sent via email, WhatsApp or social media.</p>

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Mario Bros paper invitations

Paper invitations inspired in Mario, the Nintendo plumber star of a thousand videogame’s adventures from the 80’s. Did you know that he originally was named Jumpman precisely because he jumps and...

Mario Bros digital invitation to print

Digital invitations to print inspired in Mario Bros, the plumber invented in the 1980’s in Japan and who until today has collected about 300 games, entering at first in arcades and then in homes...

Frozen digital invitation for WhatsApp

Digital invitation inspired in Frozen to invite your friends and family to celebrate your little one’s birthday together with Elsa and Anna, the Disney sisters who live an incredible adventure on...

Laurel Heart Wreath Paper Invitations

Printable digital invitations in soft and sweet colors with a laurel wreath to print without limits from home or in a copy center and give to your friends and family. Laurel is an important...

Floral Crest paper invitations

Invite friends and family to one of the most important stages of your daughter’s religious life, with the hope that the shield will protect her forever. To surround this symbol or strength,...

Dolores Madrigal Paper Invitations

Invitations inspired in Dolores Madrigal, character of the movie Encanto produced by Disney. With a super hearing gift, Dolores can listen the most minimum sound, which makes her as special as...

Graduation Paper Invitations

Invitations to celebrate graduation, a goal you have achieved with strength and a lot of sacrifice, between late nights and many books, but also between joy and satisfaction. Invite friends...

Sonic paper invitations

Invitations inspired in Sonic, the superfast hedgehog main character of a Japanese videogame series that has sold 80 million copies all over the world. Sonic also stars in comics, cartoons and...

Sonic digital invitation to print

Sonic, the anthropomorphic hedgehog with the ability to surpass the speed of sound, a box office hit in videogames and movie theaters, inspires our digital invitations that you can print without...

lavender ceremony paper invitations

Invite friends and family to share a crucial moment in the religious life of your daughter with lavender ceremony invitations, a delicate flower known for its fragrance, beauty and well-known...

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