To have a memorable Birthday you don't need to spend lots of money! With Tempo di Festa you buy a customized kit to print at home and then organize your child's party!

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  • Parties for girls
    <p>Organize something special for your daughter that she will remember for ever with a smile! In this section you will surely find the perfect theme for her: dolls, princess, comics, fashion themes and much more... between the desire of to grow and dream!</p>
  • Parties for Boys
    <p>What could be better than letting children's imagination fly? This is the section where children can organize a unique party: with these thematic kits, your child and his/her guests can be like superheros, practice their favorite sport or see their favorite movie characters.</p>
  • First Birthday
    <p>Get excited and celebrate in the best way by choosing between the most sweet and lovely themes from Tempo di Festa dedicated to the first birthday! It will be a memoray that will stay in your heart!</p>
  • Unisex Party
    <p>In the Unisex Party section, you’ll find party kits with designs and illustrations which adapt to both boys and girls: games, food, animals, and much more!</p>

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Ice Cream customized party kit

Customized Ice Cream Party Box, the perfect summertime theme for adults and children craving the most cool and delicious desert, in the 3rd place of the world ranking of most consumed deserts....

Construction vehicles customized party

Customized theme party box construction vehicles for all the little excavator and truck enthusiasts who enjoy digging in the garden at home, in the stones of the driveway or in the sand on the...

Teddy Bear party Customized

Customized Teddy Bear themed Party Box, the best childhood friend of entire generations of children, an inseparable companion for games and sweet dreams, the perfect theme to celebrate first...

Bunny Party Customized

something out of a child's drawing, clean and simple that picks up a daisy and squeezes it with its little foot. If you are looking for inspiration for your little girl's birthday party,...

Enid and Wednesday customized party

Party box  inspired in Enid and Wednesday with contrasting personalities and both dark and light clothing but united by a profound friendship, inseparable and partners in crime. Create your...

Climbing customized party

Party box with Climbing theme, the sport that was born officially in 2007 with the constitution of the International Federation but that had been already practiced since the beginning of the 20th...

Enid Sinclair customized party

Party box inspired on  Enid Sinclair, Wednesday Addams’ roommate that wears fluffy pink sweaters, uses colorful eye shadows and loves shininess, just the opposite to the protagonist. Arm...

Lilac Floral Circle customized party

Customized party in the shape of a circle with a delicate and feminine floral motif in pink and lilac tones, ideal for all the dreamy and romantic girls that are about to receive the Sacraments....

Wheat customized party

Customized party with Wheat theme, ideal for religious celebrations such as First Communion and the Holy Confirmation. You have raised your children trying to cultivate in them the correct...

Wednesday Addams customized party

Party box inspired on Wednesday Addams the dark, lightly Gothic, rebel and mysterious girl. Also known for her hatred towards happiness and love, macabre and intelligent who is a social outcast....

Polar Bear customized party

Among all the habitants in the North Pole, the polar bear is maybe the funniest and cutest of the artic animals. Ours is ready to celebrate the children that are born in the winter months or...

Puppy customized party

Customized party with Puppy theme to give your children the excitement of many puppies on their birthday. Our sweet puppies will leave their footprint not only in the party, but also in the...

Dino Girl customized party

Customized party with a Pink Dinosaur theme ideal for girls who love these extraordinary creatures that lived on Earth 230 million years ago. Decorated with little flower bouquets as jewelry,...

Magic Show customized party

Customized party with magic theme, and ancient invention born in Greece in the fifth century b.C practised by strange characters who made particular rituals. Even today, magicians and...

Plim Plim kit customized party

Customized party inspired in Plim Plim the boy clown, hero and magician. Generous and brave, always willing to help his friends say “Of Course!”. He will also help you create a colorful and fun...

Mario Bros customized party

Personalized party inspired by Mario Bros, the fictional plumber protagonist of countless Nintendo video games who first appeared in the arcade game "Donkey Kong" to play exclusively in arcades...

Laurel Heart Wreath Customized Party

Laurel wreath customized theme party to receive via courier service with products ready to use for any type of even, especially for Baptisms, Communions and Confirmations. The laurel wreath is...

Floral Crest customized party

A customized floral crest theme party dedicated to the girls that receive the Sacraments. Thanks to the shield and the light pink cross, this kit is ready to celebrate the Baptism, Communion or...

Dolores Madrigal customized party

A customized party inspired in the beautiful Dolores Madrigal, the cousin who is in love but not initially reciprocated, with the super hearing ears talent of the Disney movie Encanto. She is not...

Sonic customized party

A party inspired in Sonic, the space hedgehog created in the 90's by SEGA as a protagonist of action, fantasy and science fiction videogames and today of movie super productions fighting against...

Lavender ceremony customized party

The unmistakable lavender color associates to calm and harmony, who choose it love to take time for themselves and their wellbeing. You have chose to accompany your daughter through the religious...

Turning Red customized party

Party Box inspired on the story of Turning Red, Disney’s movie. Mei Lee, a middle school student, discovers the secret of her family’s women: strong emotions transform her in a soft and giant...

Encanto customized party

Party box inspired in Disney’s movie Encanto. Relive the enchantment of the splendid Casita, enter Isabela’s flower room and the jungle with Antonio’s animals, visit Bruno’s abandoned tower with...

Garden Fairy customized party

Party box theme of Garden Fairy who are beautiful magic creatures with butterfly wings and angelical glance that have the job of growing plants and flowers, taking care of them and protecting...

Disney Princesses customized party

Party box inspired in the most famous Disney Princesses: they are all there, the romantic Belle, the hard-working Tiana, the dreamer Cinderella, warriors Merida and Mulan… and each one of them...

Luca customized party

Party box inspired in Luca from the animated Disney Pixar movie. Share Luca’s adventures and also with his newly discovered best friend Alberto making sure all the fun is not jeopardized by the...

Encanto Mirabel Party box

Party box inspired on the brave Mirabel Madrigal who although doesn’t have a gift, never gave up on saving the family´s magic. Organize your Encanto theme party with our products alongside...

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