To have a memorable Birthday you don't need to spend lots of money! With Tempo di Festa you buy a customized kit to print at home and then organize your child's party!

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  • Parties for girls
    <p>Organize something special for your daughter that she will remember for ever with a smile! In this section you will surely find the perfect theme for her: dolls, princess, comics, fashion themes and much more... between the desire of to grow and dream!</p>
  • Parties for Boys
    <p>What could be better than letting children's imagination fly? This is the section where children can organize a unique party: with these thematic kits, your child and his/her guests can be like superheros, practice their favorite sport or see their favorite movie characters.</p>
  • First Birthday
    <p>Get excited and celebrate in the best way by choosing between the most sweet and lovely themes from Tempo di Festa dedicated to the first birthday! It will be a memoray that will stay in your heart!</p>
  • Unisex Party
    <p>In the Unisex Party section, you’ll find party kits with designs and illustrations which adapt to both boys and girls: games, food, animals, and much more!</p>

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From €48.28
Party kit inspired in Peter Pan to fly over the fantasy wings all the way to Neverland, discover a fantastic world and live a thousand adventures. A theme party ideal for girls and boys who love...

Calling the superheroes Party Box

From €48.28
Superhero’s theme party only for the truly brave with a golden heart! You are not sure of which hero to choose? We have brought them together in one kit to celebrate your child’s birthday...

Emoji Party box

From €48.28
OMG! a party that promises pure fun and does not need words because it speaks a universal language: emojis with their expressions and precise meanings are enough. Want to celebrate together?...

Bing Party Box pink

From €48.28
Party inspired in the children's favorite bunny, Bing, who dresses in pink to please even his female baby audience. Party box ready to use, customize your product by filling up the fields...

Burger Bar Theme Party Box

From €48.28
Party Box  Burger Bar  theme, ideal for little ones and grown-ups because you know: a snack filled with good things creates joy which is the principal ingredient of a good party Party box...

Turbo Snail inspired Party Box

From €48.28
Party inspired on Turbo Snail , the speed enthusiast who embarks on an extraordinary adventure to follow his dreams, a perfect wish for the birthday boy. Party box ready to use, customize...

Gamer Party Box

From €48.28
Gamer themed party, ideal for teenagers and for game consoles and video game fans of every age. Prepare your joystick and headphones and celebrate your …level with your friends. Party box...

Dinosaurs Party box

From €48.28
Party box with dinosaurs theme , one of the favorite themes for kids, fascinated and scared of the big Jurassic inhabitants. Only for really brave kids! Party box ready to use, customize your...

BLAZE Party Box

From €48.28
Party kit inspired in Blaze, the Monster Truck for boys passionate for engines and mega machines. Organize a party for your son with his favorite cartoon to stimulate his creativity and...

Spirit Party box

From €48.28
Party inspired in Spirit , the story of a free horse captured and forced to be in a barn yard, an unusual friendship and then more races, escapes and adventures! With a party inspired in...

Bowling Party box

From €48.28
Bowling party theme for all fans, grown ups but also for children. Dare your friends in one of the most ancient games: from Egypt, passing through the legendary Romans and the English Lords, it...

Party box Sleepover

From €48.28
All girl’s dream is to have a pajama party with her friends so, you cannot waist the opportunity to make your daughter’s birthday night really special by making her wish come true. It will be a...

Kokeshi Party Box

From €48.28
Kokeshi theme party, the symbolic Japanese dolls from the 19th century are a good omen, ideal to give to very special people. Organize a good omen part for your special little doll....


From €48.28
Kit inspired in Rapunzel, the princess with the very long magic hair surrounded by delicate flowers that give a touch of romanticism . An ideal theme for the little dreamers. Party box ready to...

Mermaid themed party box

From €48.28
 A gracious creature swimming in a calm sea... This is how we imagine our mermaid who with her shy smile will cheer your daughter's birthday party. Party box ready to use, customize your product...

Dino Roar Party Box

From €48.28
Dino Roar themed party kit, a dinosaur that shows his teeth… but to smile! Dino Roar is a funny prehistoric animal always ready to celebrate! A joyful and fun party kit dedicated to the little...

Spa party themed party box

From €48.28
 It is time make yourself pretty: in this party we put makeup on, apply nail polish and beauty face masks! All among chatting and secret telling between friends! A party that brings out femininity...

Bing Party box

From €48.28
Party kit inspired in the bunny all children love: here is our Bing themed party to make your little guests smile and especially your little one! Party box ready to use, customize your product...

Coronavirus Party box

From €48.28
Party kit for those who have birthdays on the Covid-19 period. There is nothing more original than celebrating your birthday ironically with Coronavirus. You can organize a virtual party or a...

Sleeping beauty inspired party box

From €48.28
Party kit inspired in princess Aurora, who receives gifts from the fairy godmothers of grace, beauty and… true love’s kiss! Relive the story of Sleeping Beauty for your little princess on the...

Cinderella Party Box

From €48.28
Party kit inspired on sweet Cinderella to create a themed party full of magic! The crystal slipper and the carriage can’t miss on the preparations of the fairy tale for your daughter. Party...

Princess Jasmine party box

From €48.28
 Jasmine the beautiful daughter of the Sultan, wants to be independent, is smart but also a little of a rebel, like your little girl who will feel like the Arab princess the day of her party!...


From €48.28
Baby Giraffe themed party. It is an ideal party kit for the younger children since it adapts perfectly to first birthday parties or baby showers! Party box ready to use, customize your product...

Shabby chic air balloon Party box

From €48.28
Shabby chic air balloon themed party, ideal for the religious ceremony like your little daughter’s baptism. With delicate colors and flowers a romantic style is created of this kit which will make...

FRIDA Party Box

From €48.28
 Party inspired on Frida Kahlo , the extraordinary Mexican artist who created a never before seen revolution. A kit that wishes your little one to become a great woman! Party box ready to...


From €48.28
Ribbons, hoops, trophies and medals to make your daughter's dream come true, of celebrating her birth and sport at the same time, a perfect theme for the party of a girl who practices rhythmic...


From €48.28
Party inspired in miraculous Lady Bug, the girl with a double-life that fights against crime. You too at your party fight against boredom and think only about fun! Party box ready to use,...


From €48.28
TinkerBell inspired party, the sweet fairy, sidekick to the adventures of Peter Pan, with her shiny trail she will illuminate your little one's party. Party box ready to use, customize your...

ART Party box

From €48.28
 Art themed party to discover the small artistic talents that hide inside of children! A theme that will surely entertain the little artists and will keep them busy inside a world of color and...

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