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Spa Party kit 2020/07/03

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To spend an evening or even a night with friends is the wish every girl will sooner or later will ask their moms for. And I am sure that the ‘older girls’ will also like it… tell the truth!!

The themed Spa Party kit is perfect for reunions between friends, were time flows on relax while you apply nail polish, beauty masks and you chat a lot!

If your daughter has been asking for a sleep over with her friends, the Spa Party kit is ideal to organize her next birthday and with our suggestions, it will be guaranteed success!

Do you want to be called the best mom in the world because you have made her biggest wish come true? Well, it is time to begin!

As the first detail the invitations will work for little friends! Choose between the paper invitations to print yourself or receive them by delivery service,

Digital invitations to be sent through social media as an image,

Or well, the fans of animated invitations with music and video that will reveal the day, the time and the place of the party!

The Spa Party kit includes a series of products that will help you create a fantastic party for your daughter and her friends! Just add your creativity, mom’s love and pastel pink color in abundance!

The welcome banner is always a good starting point, fix the table and receive the guests.

Also if you frame it, your daughter will be able to have it in her room and every time she sees it she will remember this fantastic party with her friends.

It is known that drinking water is fundamental for the body’s well being… and the theme of the party is exactly that, so prepare a little bottle for each guest customizing it with the labels included in the kit.

And don’t forget the little flags for straws!

To complete the place settings you can use the napkin holder, were you will find a fork… make sure it is pink!

Indicate the foods from the buffet or the places in the dinner table with the labels dedicated for this purpose. Just fold were it says and they will stay standing up by themselves!

The party kit also includes popcorn boxes, so the girls will be able to watch their favorite cartoons and feel like they are in the movie theater… but in pj’s and with a hair mask on!

The cake for the excellence of parties is the cupcake and there is no better way to present customized with the toppers and the baking liners.

And to thank the friends for coming to the party, thank you cards are included in the kit. We have thought about small nail polish packages… adorable, right?

Make the themed Spa Party even more complete!

To entertain the little guests while the mask stays on, we have prepared a calm but fun game: Bingo night for girls! It works exactly like classic bingo but there are no numbers, but there are symbols like, cosmetics, pillows, music, and many other typical girls night symbols! You will find them here.

We have also thought about customizing the towels, to prepare each guest and accompany it with a customized label: you can find it in the ‘Party items’ in our store!

For perfect nails we couldn’t miss the customized nail files, that can be bought separate.

Our fantastic Spa Party kit is customizable and is available in Italian, Spanish and English! You just have to choose the perfect package for you and your little girl!

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  • Kit de spa
    By: Giselle On 13/11/2022

    Me interesa comprar el kit de spa

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 14/11/2022 hola, lo encuentras aqui:

  • Quiero el kit
    By: Pamela On 12/06/2022

    Cómo obtener el kit spa party para niñas

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 14/06/2022 hola, lo encuentras aquí

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