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Tutorial how to make a piñata in the shape of Sushi 2022/06/22

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Do you like Japanese food?

Then this is the perfect occasion to create a piñata in the shape of sushi, with our guidance you will be able to create a really big piñata to have fun breaking it with your friends and family or make it to give as a gift to that person who adores this delicious Japanese dish.


  • Black, orange, green and red crepe paper
  • White tissue paper
  • Resistant cardboard
  • Thick needle
  • Cord
  • White thread and needle
  • Adhesive paper tape (or kraft paper)
  • White glue
  • Hot silicon
  • Pencil, scissors

I am going to describe how I have made this piñata. The steps are exactly the same ones to make a large or smaller piñata. With this theme it may be for adults. I suggest you get the most resistant cardboard you can find so the piñata lasts longer when trying to break it.

Cut two circles of 30 cm in diameter and a strap of 1 m in length by 11 cm in width with the same type of cardboard.

[Recommended measurements for bigger piñatas:

2 circles of 80 cm in diameter and a strip of 260 cm in length by 30 cm in width,

2 circles of 100 cm in diameter and a strip of 320 cm in length by 40 cm in width]

oll the lateral cardboard so it fits better with the circle, paste these pieces together with a little of the paper tape, this will help you sew the cardboards together with the cord and the thick needle. Enforce an area with severe cardboards and create a handgrip. Do this process in both sides of the piñata. If you wish to put candies and small gifts in the piñata now is the time. Being adults, you can put joke cards, drink coupons or objects like keychains, soda openers, etc.

Cover pieces of cardboard with the crepe paper to recreate a piece of salmon, avocado and carrots. Paste these pieces over a circle of cardboard covered with white tissue paper of 11 cm in diameter and wrap it with black crepe paper.

Cut strips of tissue paper of 15 cm in width, fold as shown in the image and sew with thread and needle by the center, stretch the thread to pucker up the paper.

Paste the center of the sushi with hot silicon and around this piece start pasting the white tissue paper using the hot silicon, with your hands start bulging the paper, meaning, open it so it looks like rice, paste in spirals until all the area is filled.

Make sure there are no empty gaps in the rice area, if there are, paste the paper together with glue and insert little balls of tissue paper to fill in the gaps. Cut a strip of black crepe paper of 11 cm in width or to make this paper to outstand a little by the height of the rice and paste with hot silicon around it to simulate the seaweed.

Ready! We have prepared a delicious sushi to “taste” for our guests.

We have participated in the Learning of June of Anna Llansa, the proposed theme of this month is Paper and fabric, both very good themes that have made us devise several proposals, lets take a look to the other proposals!

La piñata sushi sarà l'attrazione principale per gli invitati ad una festa a tema Kokeshi in stile giapponese. Nel nostro shop è disponibile il party kit digitale da stampare o il Party Box (festa in scatola), scegli la festa che preferisci.


Piacere di rendere speciale la tua festa

Eli R.

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  • comentario
    By: Diana Moriel On 22/06/2022

    Que original! Nunca habia visto una piñata de sushi, se ve genial!

  • Comentario reto Aprendiendo
    By: Anna On 20/06/2022

    Qué piñata más original, queda muy bonita y original, me ha encantado!
    Muchísimas gracias por sumarte!

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