Acceptance of general terms of sale 

1) The contract between Tempo di Festa and the Client is understood as complete with the acceptance, even partial, of the order. This acceptance is considered implied if it's not communicated to the Client in any other way. When placing an order in the different provided maners, the Client states he/she has revised all the information provided during the purchase process, and fully accepts the General and Payment Conditions listed below.

2) The present general conditions can be modified byTempo di Festa without prior notice. Each contract will be governed by the General Conditions of Sale that are in force when the Client sends the order.

3) General sale conditions in accordance with the requirements of articles 3 and 4 of the Legal Decrees 185/1999 of remote sales.

4) The purchase of Products in the Website is only allowed to those over 18 years of age.

5) It is strictly prohibited for the buyer the use of false data, of third parties or ghost data in the registry procedure necessary to activate the contract execution process. Tempo di Festa reserves the right to prosecute any violations or abuse, in the interest and protection of all the consumers.

How to purchase

1) The Client can only order the products present in the electronic Catalogue of Tempo di Festa. At the moment of sending the order, the Client will be able to visualize it online in the following address, as they are described in the corresponding information sheets, except for errors or omissions. It must be taken into consideration that Tempo di Festa cannot be considered in any way responsible for the mistaken content in the technical specifications present in the different product sheets.

2) With placing the order, the Client transmits to Tempo di Festa a purchase proposal of one or various sellected products. Placing the purchase order implies the consent to receive from Tempo di Festa the subsequent communications intended exclusively for the conclusion and execution of the sales contract. The acceptance of the order will be confirmed by Tempo di Festa by an email response sent to the email address provided by the Client. 

The response is automatically generated by the system. This confirmation message will contain the date and hour of the order execution and an "Order Number" that will be used for any further communication with Tempo di Festa. The message shows again all the data given by the Client who commits to verify its accuracy and immediately communicate any correction in accordance with the methods described in this document.

3) Tempo di Festa reserves the unquestionable right of accepting the Client's purchase proposal. In case of no acceptance of the order, Tempo di Festa will immediately inform the client by email.

4) All the prices in the site should be considered as prices with VAT included. Tempo di Festa reserves the right to modify these prices at any time without prior notice. In the case an incorrect price is published and/or clearly insignifficant for any reason (error in our systems, human error, etc.), the order will be cancelled, even in the case of an initial validation.

5) For each placed order, Tempo di Festa issues an invoice for the purchased material that will be sent with the shipping of the goods acquired or will be sent in electronic format to the email address given by the Client during registry. For invoice issuance, the information provided by the Client at the moment of placing the order is binding. No change in the invoice will be possible after its issuance.

6) The order is only shipped when all the ordered products are available. Therefore, no partial shippings are made, with the exception of different agreements between the parties. All our kits are labeled and customized, our kits cannot be modified and are password protected.

Delivery methods and fees. 

The shipping fees are charged to the Client and are explicitly highlighted at the moment of placing the order. The payment of the Client's merchandise will be made using the chosen method when placing the order. There are no extra fees or commisions charged by Tempo di Festa.

Shipping is normally done in a period of 1 - 4 business days after order confirmation. The delivery of digital products will be made in a period of 24 - 48 hours, except Saturdays and Sundays, to the email address provided by the Client at the moment of the purchase.

If for any reason you cannot find my email address, check your spam folder because often the most heavy files are sent there. If you don't see or don't receive my email in the next 48 hours, please contact me as soon as possible at

Remember that from the moment of delivery of the merchandise to the courier, the risks to which they are exposed are borne by the Client (Art. 1510-1529 C.) Tempo di Festa does not take any responsability for the damages caused by transportation. As well as, no responsability can be laid on Tempo di Festa in the case of delay in the compliace of the order or delivery of the ordered products. 

Here are some easy but important instructions to follow when receiving the material. 

After receiving the goods from the courier, the Client, before signing, must verify that:

- the number of packages received must by the same as the one in the shipping waybill;

- the data in the waybill correspond to those of the order;

- the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or altered;

Any problem related to the physical integrity and the correspondence of the received products must be informed to Tempo di Festa within 3 calendar days (included Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in general) from the delivery by certified letter addressed to Tempo di Festa to Molina Abigail Sandra Via rebosala, 1 cive di correzzola 35020 Padova (Art. 1698 C.C.). Also, if you wish to present a complaint for an anomaly in the product to Tempo di Festa, you must sent an email to clearly indicating your pending order number, your personal data and the product with the detected anomaly. Even if the packaging is intact, the merchandise must be revised within 3 days posterior to the reception.

Once the 3 days have passed, ALL THE RIGHTS will be lost and all the responsability shall legally rest exclusively with the Client who did not act within the adequate time frame for the protecction of his/her rights.

The shipping fees consist of the transportation expenses. The total debit is automatically calculated in accordance with the weight/volume of the products, its quantity and destination location. In any case, the amount is clearly visible in the shopping cart before the final confirmation of the order.

Terms of payment

Tempo di festa offers the possibility to choose the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • wire transfer
  • credit card

withdrawal right

-According to article 64 of the Legislative Decree (D.Leg) n. 206/2005, if the Client is a consumer (i.e., a person who buys the products for purposes other than their professional activities or business, or doesn’t make the purchase indicating a reference VAT number in the order form), has the right to revoke the contract for any reason, without the need to give explanations and without a sanction, except the indicated in the following points.

-To exercise this right, the Client must send a written declaration to this effect, within 3 business days starting at the date of receiving the Product. This declaration must be sent via certified letter with acknowledgment of receipt, directed to: Tempo di Festa, Via Rebosola, 1 Cive di Correzzola 35020 Padova or by telegram always sending the declaration within the term of the 3 business days and followed by a confirmation sent by certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt, strictly within the next 48 hours.

The notice of withdrawal of the Client must contain a written and signed statement with intention to exercise withdrawal right and must indicate the order number of the purchase, the code of the Product or Products for which it’s pretended to exercise this right, a copy of the tax documentation of the purchase, bank data to obtain the transfer (Cod. ABI - CAB - Current account of the invoice holder).

- Once the certified letter is received, Tempo di Festa will inform the client via email the address where they must send the returned merchandise and the authorization number of the return (D. Leg. 206/2005 Art.67, paragraph 1) which must be indicated on the outside part of the package in which the product will be physically placed. Shipping without authorized return number will be rejected.

-The Client must send the product carefully packed in its original wrapping, avoiding damaging it with placing of labels, tape or others and complete with everything it originally contained to the mentioned address. To avoid damaging the original wrapping, it’s recommended to place the product inside a second package, where the Authorization Return Code must be placed. The shipping fees of the merchandise return will be paid by the Client.

The product subject to exercise the right of withdrawal must be sent by mail within the three business days subsequent to the declaration of the Client, through email of the authorization of return.

-After this term, the shipping will be rejected and the cancelation of the request of withdrawal right will take place. The expedition, until the reception certificate is received by Tempo di Festa, is under responsibility and risk of the Client.

-When receiving the merchandise, Tempo di Festa will examine the product to verify its integrity and evaluate any damage or manipulation that is not derivative of the transportation. If the product and/or the original package are damaged, Tempo di Festa will deduct from the refund a corresponding percentage to the diminishing of the item value and as contribution of restoration costs.

- Expect as provided in the preceding paragraph, Tempo di Festa will reimburse the Client the amount of the returned product, with exclusion of the transportation fees, within the 30 following days starting on the reception date of the request of withdrawal by bank transfer, to the current account indicated by the Client in the request for withdrawal, and in case of payment by the Client with e-money through PayPal®, the reimbursement will be made according to the rules provided by Pay Pal®.

-The withdrawal right can be exercised only with regard to the product bought in its entirety; it’s not possible to make withdrawals just in part of the purchased product (for example: a container for recollection of differentiated garbage, with no lid). The purchased product must be returned intact and in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including package and any documentation and endowment of accessories: manuals, additives, etc.). Must avoid in all cases placing labels or tape directly on the original packaging of the product. The product subject to withdrawal right must carry the same serial number as in the purchase invoice; In case that the product presents a different serial number than the indicated in the invoice, the return will not be accepted and the product will be placed to the Client’s disposition for its return, therefore request of withdrawal will be cancelled. In the case of damage to the products during transportation, Tempo di Festa will notify the Client of the incident (within five business days subsequent to the reception of the product in our business) to allow the Client to present without delay the objections against the chosen courier service in order to obtain the reimbursement for the value of the product ( if it’s insured by the Client); In this case the product will be placed at disposition of the Client for its return, and the withdrawal request will be cancelled. Tempo di Festa is not responsible for damages, theft or loss of the returned products with shipping not insured by the Client. 

- The withdrawal right expires due to lack of essential conditions of the integrity of the returned product, i.e., in case that Tempo di Festa finds and determines the absence of external package and/or the internal original package; the absence of the integrating elements of the product (accessories, manuals, pieces, etc.) or anomalies of the product itself; damages to the product for different reasons than transportation; lack of placement of the authorization number for the issued return by Tempo di Festa with the return authorized number; damage to the external package that can’t be restored; that the product has been used/consumed/worn out. In case of loss of the withdrawal right, Tempo di Festa will return the acquired product to the Client, charging the shipping fees to the Client.

-Reimbursements and returns are not allowed for “unwelcomed” products

-Customized purchases are excluded of the withdrawal right, unless of a presenting an error from our part.

-DIGITAL PRODUCTS. For this type of products there is no reimbursement once the file has been sent via email.

Product guarantee 

-All the products sold on our website Tempo di Festa are covered by the standard manufacturing guarantee and for the client who is the consumer (person who buys products for purposes non related to commercial activities or professional activities or who makes a purchase without indicating in the order form a reference to the VAT number) of the guarantee of 12 months for lack of conformity, according to article of the Legislative Decree 206/2005 (consumer code). The client most keep the invoice they will receive, to make the guarantee assistance valid. 

-The legal guarantee for the consumer client refers to any existing conformity defect at the time of delivery of the product, according to art. 130 of the Legislative Decree 206/2005 and within the 12 month period starting from the date of purchase, as long as the product is used correctly, according to its provided use and depending on the provisions in the attached technical documentation. In case of any conformity defect Tempo di Festa provides, free of charge for the Client, restoring the conformity of the product through reparation/ substitution or price reduction, until the contract is resolved. 

-In case that, under any circumstance, Tempo di Festa isn’t capable of replacing a guaranteed product (fix or substitute), a refund at discretion may proceed at the lowest price market value at the time of the application and billing; or, replacement with a product that has similar or superior characteristics, even if it’s a different brand. 

-In cases where application of the guarantee foresees the returning of the product, the product must be returned by the Client in its original package, complete with all its parts (including packaging and any possible documentation, manuals, accessories, complements, etc.); to avoid damage of the original package, it is recommended, if possible, to insert the original package in a secondary package; placement of any tags or tape directly to the original packaging must be avoided.


IMPORTANT: Digital party kits made on request are not in any way exclusive. These party kits can be put up for sale again with new customizations.

If you need or want the exclusivity of a product, please contact me before each purchase to jointly discuss the price of this service. All our kits are named and customized, our kits cannot be modified, they are protected by a password and have our brand in each product in a discrete manner so it cannot be deleted.

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