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Felt Kitten to Decorate Parties – Free Pattern 2020/01/24

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Hello! Today we will make some cute felt kittens to decorate your birthday party


  • Felt in the color of the kitten you want: orange, grey or black
  • Felt for the basic pieces: pink, brown and white
  • Pink, brown white and beige threads (black and/or grey)
  • Waddle
  • Needle
  • Cardboard (like a cereal box)
  • Scissors
  • UHU type glue
  • Hot silicone

I chose to make the kitten beige, but you can change the color of the felt according to the kitten you like the most, orange, grey, black, or make combinations of colors if your kitten has spots or stripes

Download the pattern. This pattern also works to make it on foamy (eve rubber)

The secret to a luxurious finish in felt is to transfer the pattern first to a firm cardboard (like the cereal box), placing the sheet of the pattern on top of the cardboard and marking the contour with a pen, then we cut the pieces identifying them so we don’t confuse them, these molds or “templates” will make it easier to make the cuts on the felt

Little by little we cut every piece and we locate it where it goes

The smaller pieces are pasted with UHU type glue or hot silicone; help yourself out with tweezers to manipulate them with ease

During the whole process we will use the ‘festoon stitch’ to sew, look how I have joined the white chest using the same color of thread

The brown bottom of the foot goes sewed to the paw, the same with the pink palm of the hand to the arms and the stripes of the tail, and then we fill with waddle and close each piece

Also look how the details of the face of the kitten are sewn, like its hair and the pink part of the ears, what follows is to embroider with the ‘back stitch’ the whiskers and mouth, for this help yourself out with the pattern placing it on the back, this way you can locate the exact points of start and finish of each whisker and the mouth

To build the body all the pieces must be already made, tail, arms, eyes, cheeks and nose pasted, whiskers and mouth embroidered. So we join the back and front felt pieces and start to sew a little before one of the arms, these must be inserted into the body and sew everything together so they are really stuck to the body, continue throughout the entire contour, don’t forget to also sew the tail.

With these kittens you can decorate jars to fill them with candies, cake pops, lollipops, popsicles and decorate the Dessert Table, they will later work as pen or colored pencil holders.

To those who love the cute kittens the Customized Party Cats kit is ideal for their birthday party, it includes, labels, popcorn boxes, lollipops and so much more

We participate on the Cat Challenge accompanying Jen from Little Kimono

Pleasure to make your party special

Eli R.

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  • Lindo gatito
    By: Diana Moriel On 27/02/2020

    Un gatito de lo mas hermoso y tierno, muy detallados los pasos y con fotos muy buenas, ademas de obsequiar el patron, gracias!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 28/02/2020 Hola Diana muchas gracias por el comentario y la visita.. un abrazo!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 28/02/2020 Hola Diana muchas gracias por el comentario y la visita.. un abrazo!

  • Comentario al Reto Handmade
    By: La Buhardilla de Conchi On 26/02/2020

    Hola Eli: es una monada ese gatito de fieltro, me encanta la carita tan tierna que tiene. Me encanta, felicidades.

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 27/02/2020 Hola Conchi muchas gracias! y encantada de tenerte por aquí!

  • Gracias por esta propuesta ;)
    By: Jen - Little Kimono On 26/02/2020

    Hola Sandra, Eli!
    Un gatito súper tierno^^ genial para decorar cualquier cosa que se nos ocurra, encantadísima de contar con esta creación para el reto, mil gracias por el patrón, un besote!!

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 27/02/2020 Hola Jen Muy contentas de haber participado al reto y que bueno que te gusto nuestro gatito.. un abrazo..

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