Leopard customized party

Party box with leopard theme, perfect for young women and for anybody who likes to be fashionable. Choose to celebrate a birthday with the distinct style of Tempo di Festa®.

Party box ready to use, customize your product by filling up the fields before inserting into the basket.

Create your theme party box and you will receive it already printed, customized, cut out and assembled ready for immediate use.

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You will find the products to decorate and embellish your bottles, enriching your table or buffet dedicated to beverages.

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  • 500ml water label

    Special labels to customize 500 ml water bottles.

    : €0.74
    500ml water label

  • Beverage labels

    The labels for drinks dress up the bottles for your party! They are not stick on, they are placed with tape around the bottle, so they easily adapt to any type of bottle form (water, sodas,beer...).

    : €0.74
    Beverage labels

  • Glass juice label

    The glass fruit juice bottles can also be decorated with the appropriate labels. Our labels for fruit juice in bottles (125ml glass) are ideal for any type of event!

    : €0.66
    Glass juice label

  • Labels for juice pouch

    Do not give up the details and also customize the juice pouches with a label that talks about your party.
    Receive 9 adhesive labels (minimum order) ready to paste on the fruit juice pouches.

    : €0.82
    Labels for juice pouch

  • Small brick juice wrapper

    To customize a party is also to embellish the theme with soft drinks, including fruit juices in mini bricks.

    : €0.66
    Small brick juice wrapper

  • Wine bottle tag

    Customized labels for wine bottles to decorate your table in a complete way with the theme of your choosing. They adapt to any kind of bottleneck.

    : €0.90
    Wine bottle tag


Complements to enhance the candy table with customized items including the tasting of candied almonds.

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  • Cake bunting banner

    Mini banners to decorate the cake in a funny way!

    : €12.30
    Cake bunting banner

  • Cake topper

    The cake is not complete without the ornament, which decorates and perfects it. A topper that adapts to your theme making your cake even prettier, but above all, it's customized!

    : €9.84
    Cake topper

  • Confetti cards

    Cards for sugar-coated candy (candy almonds) it’s the complement that absolutely cannot be missing at your party! The cards are double-sided.

    : €1.48
    Confetti cards

  • Coni porta confetti

    The candy holder cones are essential for sugar-coated almonds so the guests can grab them easily.

    : €0.66
    Coni porta confetti

  • Cupcake toppers

    The toppers for cupcakes/food decorate candies, sandwiches, snaks and everything you desire... just thread!

    : €0.33
    Cupcake toppers

  • Cupcake wrappers

    The cupcake wrappers are labels that wrap and create a base for cupcakes and muffins.

    : €0.74
    Cupcake wrappers


All you need for a beautiful, unique and complete table, a mise en place, perfect in each detail besides being customized for your party.

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  • Coasters

    Even in the preparation of the table you can take care of every detail and this one will not be forgotten.
    Choose the customized coasters with the theme of your party to complete the place in the table of every one of your guests.

    : €1.56

  • Cutlery holder

    Complete your table's decoration with our customized cutlery holders so you don't miss any details in your setting.

    : €0.90
    Cutlery holder

  • Food tents/place cards

    This type of cards are of great use during the parties. They are steady, thanks to the fact that they fold, they are versatile and have double function for being used to write the name of the guests and to assign each of them their seats on the table, also to write the name of the food prepared at the buffet and to place them at the foot of the tray.

    : €0.85
    Food tents/place cards

  • Label mark glass

    These special labels, besides remembering your party’s theme, will help you customize the cups by writing down the names of the guests and will be easier to distinguish them.

    : €0.33
    Label mark glass

  • Napkin holder

    Customized napkin rings to embellish every place in your guest’s table. One more detail that will distinguish you from your guests.

    : €0.66
    Napkin holder

  • Paper placemats

    The setting of a table in an event is very important: complete it with the american placemat dedicated to your party and customize each guest's place. A gesture that will not go unnoticed!

    : €1.07
    Paper placemats

  • Straw cards

    Customized straw cards, decorate each little detail of your party, don’t overlook these details!

    : €0.74
    Straw cards

  • Straw flags

    Use little theme flags to decorate even the simple straws.

    : €0.41
    Straw flags

  • Table napkin holder

    You are not sure where to put or how to maintain the napkins in order during your event? Use the customized table napkin holder with the theme of your choosing.

    size: 3,5 cm x 11 cm x 14 cm h

    : €1.64
    Table napkin holder

  • Wine glass tag

    Stop confusing wine glasses during events!

    With the wine glass themed tags for parties, you will be able to write your guests name on them, that way every guest will recognize their own glass. Thanks to its radial opening it adapts to any type of glass.

    : €0.74
    Wine glass tag


Bags and boxed with varied shapes that will be customized for your event to give away to your guests or as part of the sweet corner.

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  • Favor bag (empty)

    When the party ends, a nice gesture is to give the guests a little gift bag with the party theme.

    : €1.64
    Favor bag (empty)

  • Favor box cube (empty)

    Cube shaped box with multiple uses: you can give it away at the end of the party with candies, chocolates or use it to fill it up with candied almonds for your religious events. Small box 56 x 56 mm.

    : €1.64
    Favor box cube (empty)

  • Milk box (empty)

    A box in the shape of a milk container ideal to complement your candy table or as a nice party gift.

    : €2.05
    Milk box (empty)

  • Pyramid-shaped box (empty)

    A box with the shape of a pyramid to thank your guests and make them a little gift, you can also use it as a favor box for candies or confetti. The dimensions are approximately 5 cm.

    : €2.05
    Pyramid-shaped box (empty)

  • Small gift bag (empty)

    Thanking your guests for attending at the end of a party is a gesture that will never go unnoticed.
    With this small gift bag you will be able to give your guests candies, chocolates, sugarcoated sweets, pralines for ceremonies, gadgets or small games. You close the bag with a ribbon of a color that goes with your party’s theme.

    : €2.05
    Small gift bag (empty)

  • T-shirt favor box (empty)

    Fun and original, a box in the shape of a T-shirt to complete and decorate your customized setting. It measures 9 cm x 7 cm approximately. You can also use it to give away confetti, a chocolate or some candy to your guests (small dimensions).

    T-shirt favor box (empty)

Different types of sweets, candies and chocolates to enrich the candy table and at the same time decorate the party.

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  • Chocolate bar

    Who doesn't like chocolate? Give your guests chocolate bars with customized wraps with the party theme

    : €2.13
    Chocolate bar

  • Ice cream cone wrapper

    The most delicious and wished for dessert during summer parties is without a doubt an ice cream cone. Choose your favorite flavors and offer them to your guests wrapped in these special customized labels with your party theme. The ice cream cones will be simply perfect!

    : €0.41
    Ice cream cone wrapper

  • Kinder cereal

    Who doesn't like chocolate? Give your guests chocolate bars with customized wraps with the party theme

    : €1.23
    Kinder cereal

  • Kinder maxi

    Label for Kinder Maxi to give your guests a gesture filled with sweetness and customized delicacy during your event.

    : €1.23
    Kinder maxi

  • Lecca-lecca

    Yummy, yummy! Lollipops are the delight of children, they love them! Besides, they enrich the candy buffet, include this gesture detail that will mark a difference.

    : €1.23

  • Mentos

    Each party detail is important, including a small gesture for your guests: offer Mentos candies that remember the party theme thanks to the customized labels.

    : €1.48

  • Mini cake wrappers

    Minimum order: 10 classic plum cakes of Mulino Bianco customized with wrappers of your party theme, you just have to put them in the buffet.

    : €0.66
    Mini cake wrappers

  • TicTac label

    Tic Tac, the little mint that has conquered the world now also for your party in a customized version to conquer your guests!

    Dimensioni: 3 cm x 7 cm

    : €0.25
    TicTac label

  • Treat bag

    The customized treat bag topper with your favorite theme is ideal to fill in with candies, cookies, gifts, to place on the table or as a gift at the end of the party.

    : €0.86
    Treat bag


A series of useful and functional containers for food that allow the guests to comfortably serve themselves.

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  • Donut box

    The best way of transporting a doughnut without getting dirty is to use a very special box.
    Also, with these customized boxes every detail of your event will be perfect
    They can also contain candies, mini sandwiches, croissants and more, the customizing is present both in the front and back of the box.

    : €0.82
    Donut box

  • Individual tray for hot dogs

    To comfortably eat hot dogs, Tempo di Festa® has created individual customized trays.
    They measure 18 cm x 7 cm x 3.5 cm in length, perfect for your hot dogs.

    : €1.15
    Individual tray for hot dogs

  • Popcorn box

    A customized popcorn box with your party's theme. It can also be used to comfortably serve chips from the buffet.

    : €0.90
    Popcorn box

  • Sachet for small chips bags 25 gr

    The food that can’t be left out of a savory buffet are chips!
    With our special design you can decorate 25gr bags with the theme of your party!

    : €1.17
    Sachet for small chips bags 25 gr

  • Small Pringles labels

    Small Pringles chips can be decorated with your party theme: create a pyramid on your savory buffet and you’ll see how good it looks!

    : €1.56
    Small Pringles labels

  • Snack container

    In party buffets you can’t miss the snacks between one good chat (or a dance) and the other. Serve candies, sweets, pralines, chips, nachos … in customized containers with your party theme designed by Tempo di Festa®, and they are also easy to handle and move around.

    : €1.15
    Snack container

  • Themed french fry box

    Choose an additional detail for your party: customized french fry boxes that also work for containing popcorn, fries, candies, chocolates… everything you wish!
    The customized theme is present both on the front and the back of the box.

    : €0.90
    Themed french fry box


Customized accessories to complement the party dedicated to the birthday person, guests or to complete the decoration.

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  • Bookmark

    A beautiful gift to offer your guests is without a doubt a book mark, which will accompany them during their reading.

    Give away this beautiful customized souvenir with your party theme!

    : €0.90

  • Bubbles soap labels

    Soap bubbles fascinate children and adults. Prepare them to have fun during the party or as a thank you gift at the end of it.

    Labels ready to decorate soap bubbles bottles 60 ml (bubbles bottles NOT INCLUDED).

    : €0.66
    Bubbles soap labels

  • Centerpiece

    The centerpiece is the element that beautifies your table in a cheerful and pleasant manner.

    : €14.04

  • Custom banner (example: LAURA L-A-U-R-A = quantity 5)

    To hang on the wall, the door, around the table or as decoration, the pennants are really an indispensable and versatile element!

    The price of the party BOX banner corresponds to a letter (example. LAURA L-A-U-R-A = 5 letters)

    : €0.90
    Custom banner (example: LAURA L-A-U-R-A = quantity 5)

  • Folding fan

    During parties and ceremonies in really hot days, a party favor certainly appreciated by all your guests will be a hand fan! Customize them with the theme of your party: it will be a souvenir to keep for a long time.

    : €2.46
    Folding fan

  • Paper crown

    Every girl dreams about being a princess, with the customized theme Crowns for your party, every girl invited will feel very special!

    : €1.56
    Paper crown

  • Party hat

    The party hats are the most fun accessories in the parties, they give joy and immediately create the atmosphere!

    : €0.98
    Party hat

  • Welcome sign

    The welcome sign welcomes your guests wishing them happiness and fun. It can be placed on the reception table as part of the decoration and then kept as a framed memory.

    : €4.10
    Welcome sign

  • Welcome sign A4

    The A4 welcome sign welcomes the party guests. You can hang it in the main door or as a decorative element.

    : €2.46
    Welcome sign A4


A perfect accessory that completes the decoration of the theme party, ideal to place behind the dessert table or behind the birthday cake.

Guests cannot go home empty handed! Thanking the guests is a polite gesture and a souvenir from the party.

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  • Thank you cards

    A gift for the guests at the end of the party means that their presence was a pleasure. Put together thank you labels with colored tape and customize your gift.

    : €0.40
    Thank you cards


The trendiest birthday boy wears his party t-shirt. The image includes the design of the theme, the name of the birthday boy and / or age, or both.

The image includes the design of the theme, the name of the birthday boy and / or age, or both.

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