Welcome to our store! In the Theme Party section you will find parties that are already prepared in Party in a Box or in its version of Printable Party and our Invitations in a Box or Printable Invitations and the Animated Invitations for Social Media.


  • Personalized theme parties
    <p>To celebrate your birthday in an original and fun way, there is nothing better than organizing a customized theme party! You can choose among all the patterns, the one you prefer according with the age of who you are celebrating, their passions or a special feature which makes them unique!</p> <p></p>
  • Party Items
    <p>To be original and fashionable, your party must be unique, it must stand out from all the others!</p> <p>Complete the decoration of your party with our party supplies: they are very chic, special and adapt to our kits.</p> <p></p> <div id="gtx-trans"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>
  • Baby
    <p>We celebrate live because birth is not just the moment a baby is born, but also their parents are born! On this special section dedicated to babies, you will find nice ways to announce the birth, frames to hang on the room as a party favor and so much more… </p>
  • Freebies
    <p>Here’s a list of all our free printables for you! </p> <p>This Freebie page is updated with more freebies so be sure to visit again for more!</p> <p>For your personal use only.</p>
  • Online Services
    <p>Tempo di Festa is near you, even if you are on the other side of the world.</p> <p>We offer a range of additional online services to create your fabulous party together!</p> <div id="gtx-trans"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>

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Rainbow Friends digital party kit

Themed party inspired by the Rainbow Friends, the cute and original video game characters created by Roblox that resemble an unusual rainbow! Receive in your email all the digital products of...

Rainbow Friends customized party

Customized Party Box inspired by Rainbow Friends, the cute little monsters from the video game that later became real with plush toys and games and now also in Tempo di Festa® birthday parties....

Rainbow Friends paper invitations

Paper invitations inspired by Rainbow Friends, the cute but irreverent monsters that hinder the player in the video games in which they are the main characters. Before adding them to your cart,...

Barbie Movie digital party kit

Party inspired by Barbie Movie, the successful movie of the year dedicated to the most famous doll in the world: femininity and girl power for a party with guaranteed success. Receive an email...

Barbie Movie customized party

Customized Party Box inspired by Barbie Movie, the box office hit of the doll that accompanied millions of girls growing up all over the world, a world all pink and shiny. Assemble your Party...

Barbie Movie paper invitations

Paper invitations inspired by Barbie Movie, the crazy and surprising movie in which the world's best-selling doll goes on a pink and glittery adventure, just like her perfect outfit. Before...

Digital labels for Haribo 40gr

Gummy candies were invented in 1920 and are still appreciated all over the world today, especially if they are present on the party candy table! That's why they can't be missing at your party....

Princess Peach digital party kit

Themed party inspired by Princess Peach , one of the first supporting characters created alongside Mario in Nintendo's hit game. She is the Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, actually her original...

Princess Peach customized party box

Custom Party Box inspired in Princess Peach , who first appeared in the Super Mario video game in 1985 as a secondary character, a damsel in distress to save and Mario's historical girlfriend....

Princess Peach paper invitations

Paper invitations inspired by Peach, the princess created by Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto, always dressed in pink with an aquamarine and ruby crown. With a cheerful and friendly personality, Super...

Ice Cream customized party kit

Customized Ice Cream Party Box, the perfect summertime theme for adults and children craving the most cool and delicious desert, in the 3rd place of the world ranking of most consumed deserts....

Ice Cream Digital Party Kit

Ice cream theme party, ideal for summer season, to provide style and coolness to children and adult’s birthday parties. Did you know that on average we consume 15 kg per year? It is really...

Ice Cream Paper Invitations

Paper invitations with ice cream theme for parties on hot summer days, when only an ice cream can cool the body and heart. Do you prefer a cone or a cup? Before adding to the cart,...

Bunny Footprint Floor Stickers

Use our  bunny footprint stickers to guide towards hidden eggs! Each pack contains 10 x vinyl Easter footprint floor stickers measuring 12cm (H) x 8cm (W). Give your little ones an...

Construction vehicles customized party

Customized theme party box construction vehicles for all the little excavator and truck enthusiasts who enjoy digging in the garden at home, in the stones of the driveway or in the sand on the...

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