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    <p>To celebrate your birthday in an original and fun way, there is nothing better than organizing a customized theme party! You can choose among all the patterns, the one you prefer according with the age of who you are celebrating, their passions or a special feature which makes them unique!</p> <p></p>
  • Party Items
    <p>To be original and fashionable, your party must be unique, it must stand out from all the others!</p> <p>Complete the decoration of your party with our party supplies: they are very chic, special and adapt to our kits.</p> <p></p> <div id="gtx-trans"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>
  • Baby
    <p>We celebrate live because birth is not just the moment a baby is born, but also their parents are born! On this special section dedicated to babies, you will find nice ways to announce the birth, frames to hang on the room as a party favor and so much more… </p>
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    <p>Here’s a list of all our free printables for you! </p> <p>This Freebie page is updated with more freebies so be sure to visit again for more!</p> <p>For your personal use only.</p>
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    <p>Tempo di Festa is near you, even if you are on the other side of the world.</p> <p>We offer a range of additional online services to create your fabulous party together!</p> <div id="gtx-trans"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>

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Climbing Digital party kit.

Climbing theme party, singular sport practiced by those who love challenges, it stimulated physical strength and concentration. If your son or daughter are also taking their first steps towards...

Climbing customized party

Party box with Climbing theme, the sport that was born officially in 2007 with the constitution of the International Federation but that had been already practiced since the beginning of the 20th...

Climbing paper invitations

Paper invitation with Climbing theme, perfect for all children who practice this sport discipline and that can have an excellent training that also helps with concentration. Before adding to...

Enid Sinclair digital party kit

Party inspired in Enid Sinclair, the colorful and sparkling antithesis and also Wednesday Addams best friend from Nevermore school in the television series filmed by Tim Burton. Receive an...

Enid Sinclair customized party

Party box inspired on  Enid Sinclair, Wednesday Addams’ roommate that wears fluffy pink sweaters, uses colorful eye shadows and loves shininess, just the opposite to the protagonist. Arm...

Enid Sinclair paper invitations

Paper invitations inspired in Enid Sinclair, the friend that in the series dedicated to Wednesday Addams conquered the public with her blond, curly with colored hair ends, quite the opposite of...

Climbing digital invitation to print

Digital printable invitation with Climbing theme, a sport practiced by millions of people all over the world that teaches how to reach the goal set thanks to concentration and one's own strength....

Dove customized party

Customized party with a dove theme that is surrounded by green olive branches, associated to the purity of the children and teens that receive the Sacraments and get close to Christianity in a...

Dove digital party kit

Party with a dove theme, symbol associated to Christian religion and the Sacraments, where children are presented being pure and simple at heart, like this animal messenger of piece that flies...

Dove paper invitations

Paper invitation with dove theme, an animal of sweet and quiet temperament that brings peace and hope messages which it makes an ideal theme for all children that are going to receive the First...

Dove digital invitation to print

Digital printable invitation with dove theme, a pure animal that we often find in the most known Christian symbols present in the most important celebrations of the Christian religion including...

Dove digital invitation for WhatsApp

Dove digital invitation to send as an image through WhatsApp or shape on social media. The dove is a symbol of purity and search for God, an ideal theme for your daughter or son that is about...

Lilac Floral Circle customized party

Customized party in the shape of a circle with a delicate and feminine floral motif in pink and lilac tones, ideal for all the dreamy and romantic girls that are about to receive the Sacraments....

Lilac Floral Circle Digital Party Kit

Lilac floral circle theme party, a theme with refined pink and lilac tones to celebrate the Sacraments of your little one in an elegant and unmistakable style of Tempo di Festa®. Receive an...

Lilac Floral Circle paper invitations

Paper invitations lilac floral circle to outstand and create an event that will leave everybody gawping, starting from the invitations. Ideal for First Communions and religious ceremonies in...

Wheat customized party

Customized party with Wheat theme, ideal for religious celebrations such as First Communion and the Holy Confirmation. You have raised your children trying to cultivate in them the correct...

Wheat digital party kit

Wheat digital themed party kit ideal to celebrate a First Communion or Holy Confirmation. Cultivate and harvest the wheat are human activities so ancient as men themselves. The wheat is...

Wheat paper invitations

Paper invitations with Wheat theme, ideal for  First Communion or the Holy Confirmation. When the farmer recognizes good soil, they know that all their effort will be rewarded with the...

Wheat digital invitation to print

Digital printable invitation with Wheat theme for First Communion or the Holy Confirmation. Wheat is the result of the commitment and work of men and with it he feeds his family and...

Wheat digital invitation for WhatsApp

Digital invitation with Wheat theme to send as an image through WhatsApp or share on social media on the occasion of the First Communion or Holy Confirmation of your child. The sprig of the...

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