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Tutorial to make a piñata in a watermelon shape. 14/06/2022

Follow step by step to make this watermelon piñata.

It's a fun decoration for your children’s parties and … let’s break the piñata!


  • Crepe paper in fuchsia, white and green colors
  • White, red and black paper
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper or kraft paper
  • White glue
  • Paintbrush, pencil, cutter and scissors

To make the piñata, design a triangle with a 60° opening and elongated the size until your preferred dimension. To outline the bottom, use a pencil and a string anchored to the top tip and draw the curve as if it was a compass, the principle to create a large or a small piñata is the same. The piñata I’ve made and that I will describe, measures 25 cm in length but when rounding the tip it reduces its length to 21 cm. Transfer the pattern to the cardboard and cut the pieces.

For the bottom part, cut a rectangular piece of cardboard of 7 cm in width plus 2 cm in both sides for the tabs, i.e. 11 cm in total. With a cutter mark the areas to fold, roll this cardboard piece so it can mold to the bottom part of the watermelon.

Paste the bottom part of the watermelon using not diluted glue, then cover the joints with pieces of kraft paper or newspaper, here you can use diluted glue at equal amounts to save some glue.

Whatever dimension your watermelon has, place it side faced over the cardboard and with a pencil outline the lateral pieces, to these pieces also add a margin (for the tabs) of at least 2 cm. When making a piñata there are no precise measurements, it simply takes form little by little with the cardboard pieces so, don’t worry if it doesn’t come out very accurately because any flaw can be covered with crepe paper.

Now comes the most fun part. Start by covering with green crepe paper the bottom part, then cut the pieces of crepe paper at 3 cm in width and make cuts, like strings, of approximately ½ a centimeter, with these strings start covering the piñata from the bottom up to the top. If you want, make a little opening to insert candies or surprises like little toys, hair pins, etc. and then cover the area with cardboard that will also be covered by the crepe paper.

If you want, paste a little face in both sides of the watermelon, it is a fun option and very kawaii, that is why I have chosen this soft colors.

Or paste white seeds, this decoration is more neutral and it can be used in parties for all the family.

Take a look at how I decorated a family breakfast.

A perfect piñata for children's parties in the Summer, prepare them and let the guests play with them in a themed Baby Hawaiian birthday where the fresh fruit is a must. Choose the digital party kit to print at home or the Party Box to receive the ready-made products.

It is a pleasure to help in your party

Eli R.

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