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Tutorial to make a piñata in the shape of a dinosaur. 2022/06/08

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Follow this step by step to make a piñata in the shape of a dinosaur with the measurements of your choice.

As a suggestion, you can make several piñatas of different sizes and colors to decorate a birthday party.


  • Orange and other colors crepe papers
  • Orange and black paper
  • Resistant cardboard
  • Flexible cardboard
  • Cord or rope
  • Paper adhesive tape (or of kraft paper)
  • White glue
  • Pencil, cutter and scissors

The pattern we are giving is designed to be enlarged to the measurements of your choice, meaning, if you wish to make a large piñata to break or little ones to decorate. If you want a large piñata use newspaper sheets for this process, even if it is necessary, paste several newspaper sheets together. Fold the paper to obtain 16 squares and transfer the design to this squares. With a pencil outline the design and transfer to the resistant cardboard.

Cut with a cutter to avoid the scissors from folding the cardboard. With the flexible cardboard cut strips to cover the width of the piñata, in a width proportionated to your dinosaurs measurements. Roll the flexible cardboard so it adapts better to the piñata’s silhouette and start pasting using the paper tape. For a large piñata use resistant cardboard to cover the lateral area.

While pasting the cardboard of the lateral area, place the cord to hang the piñata strengthening this area with double cardboard and tape so it can bear the weight of the piñata. Cut the dinosaur’s silhouette using only one piece of crepe paper and leave at least 2 or 3 cm of extra paper to form the tabs that will help is paste the paper towards the sides, that is where you will apply the diluted glue in equal parts with water, this way you will not damage the paper of the front part. For a really large piñata, you can choose to use tissue paper.

In the same way we drew the dinosaur’s body, obtain the eyes, teeth, nose, arms and legs, preferably with colored papers or like me, that I have painted them with markers. Cut a strip of crepe paper a little less wider than the width of your piñata to cover the contour of the dinosaur and paste being careful not to exceed the use of the glue to give a better finish. While doing this process, place the eyes, arms and legs hiding the excess of cardboard with the crepe paper.

And here it is! A piñata to make children that expect dinosaurs in their party dream.

This is the designed pattern that you can enlarge to the measurements you wish. The dinosaur as a table centerpiece can measure 35 cm in height, a piñata between 80 cm and 150 cm in height and a decorative dinosaur for a particular party area can be made of 2 cm or 3 cm in height by making only the front part.

We join the BMC of June where Conchi de La Buhardilla de Conchi is the host. The theme she has proposed is Dinosaurs, a theme we love and of course we couldn’t miss this date!

Imagine the children's joy when they try to break the dinosaur piñata during a beautiful Dino Roar theme party! Both the digital kit to print and the Party Box are available at our store. Go visit it!

It is a pleasure to help with your party.

Eli R.

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  • Dinosaurio
    By: Mendi On 15/06/2022

    Una piñata siempre es una gran idea y un fantástico regalo. Genial.
    Besos nube.

  • reto mensual
    By: Diana Moriel On 11/06/2022

    Que original y divertida esta tu piñata, me encanto!

  • Reto Mensual Bloguer@s
    By: Conchi. La Buhardilla de Conchi On 09/06/2022

    Un regalo muy bonito para celebrar los cumpleaños a alguna fiesta especial con los más pequeños de la cas.
    Un tutorial muy completo y didáctico. Felicidades.
    Muchas gracias por acompañarme en el Reto, besicos

  • dinosaurios
    By: Mariela On 08/06/2022

    Qué linda piñata, alegre y muy original! Besitos...

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