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Tutorial how to make a rustic candle holder with natural logs boho style 2022/08/16

Today I will share how to make rustic candle holders with natural logs for outdoor parties or events, let’s get to it!


  • Trimmed tree logs of 6 to 8 cm in width
  • Drill
  • 1 ½-inch flat blade bit for wood
  • Candles of 1 ½-inch of diameter
  • Natural flowers, caudiciform plants, foliage
  • Plate or a base
  • Foam

The necessary tool for this process is the flat blade bit for wood which you can find in hardware stores or construction specialized stores, it must measure 1 ½-inches that is the measurement of the candles that are in the market.

Choose logs between 6 and 8 cm in diameter and cut the sections between 6 and 9 cm in height.

Protect yourself with security lenses or goggles and gloves during the process. Locate the center of the log.

I have had to place the log between my feet so it doesn’t turn, this because I do not have a carpenter’s bench. Press the log and make the perforations with a depth of 1.5 cm (or at the height of the candle you have),

Sand both sides of the log and try to make the candle fit in the hole.

Over a base, that can be a disposable plate or a special pot, place the candle holder log and decorate with a natural rose nosegay, caudiciform plants and foliage placed on a foam to keep it fresh.

It is a pleasure to help with your party.

Eli R.

Posted in: DIY projects

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