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Tutorial on how to make a Rainbow shaped piñata 2022/08/09

Follow our tutorial on how to make a rainbow shaped piñata.

It's an accessory that cannot be missing at a children’s party.


  • Crepe paper in the colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red
  • White china paper
  • Resistant cardboard
  • Flexible cardboard
  • Paper adhesive tape (or kraft paper tape)
  • White glue
  • Hot glue
  • Pencil, cutter and scissors

The pattern we give you is the one I’ve used to make this piñata, the final measurements are 20 cm tall and 42 cm long

Fold the rainbow pattern on the dashed line and with the pencil trace lines on top of the arcs, put the paper on top of the cardboard and trace the lines with the pencil to reproduce the design on the cardboard, repeat the same process on the other half of the cardboard, make sure this process is symmetrical.

Trace the arcs on both rainbow pieces and cut both cardboards. In case a spot on the cardboard has a crease, you have to reinforce this area gluing a resistant cardboard piece on top.

Cut a piece of the soft cardboard for the lateral piece, the width is 4,5 cm, roll this piece so it better adapts to the piñata’ body shape. Glue this lateral piece joining with the paper tape, cover the contour and if you wish to this is the time to insert candies or small gifts into the pinata. Cut 3 cm sections of the crepe paper in the colors that were previously mentioned.

Start by gluing one piece of purple crepe paper on the lower arc, leave the extra paper on the sides so you can paste it with glue diluted in equal parts of water.

Paste each stripe with crepe paper following the colors of the rainbow, in the end repeat the process of covering each piece of crepe o paper on the upper parte and the paste the red extra pieces, don’t forget to place a string to hang the piñata, this can be done on the lateral cardboard piece, reinforce with the paper tape the area where the string goes.

Cut the clouds using the soft cardboard (like the one used for cookie boxes), cut china paper squares measuring 12 x 12 cm, on the centre put your finger and turn the paper to form these wind swirls, hide the tips on the back and staple or glue with hot glue.

On both sides cover the cardboard cloud with china paper, then paste the wind swirls covering every space just on the front of the cloud.

Stick both clouds on the rainbow with hot glue. Look how cute this piñata is.

This is the rainbow pattern we have for you! For a larger piñata just enlarge the pattern in a copy store.

Entertain the children by making this piñata for a beautiful party with the rainbow theme. Find the digital party kit or the Party Box in our store.

Pleasure to serve at your party.

Eli R.

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