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Romantic First Communion and Confirmation 08/06/2022

All starts with the party’s venue. I needed something close to home and with the possibility of being able to decorate a day before of the event; near the church where the ceremony was going to take place is a place called Agriturismo Corte Aurora.

I went to take a look at the place and it seemed it was a suitable place to celebrate, large windows that allow you to see Padua’s countryside in all its splendor. The owner of the place was very nice and compliant to my request of letting me prepare the ambiance for the party a day before the event, as soon as the night’s service was over, I could begin with my setting (estimating midnight).

For the event I had rented a whole service of mise in place, decorate wine glasses and bottles of water, golden cutlery, pink cloth napkins and charger plates with golden rims. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem with the rent and I had to cancel it. Two days before the party I found myself without the tableware I wanted to prepare the mise in place.

I had one single option that could deliver the next day so I ordered in Amazon the pink cloth napkins that were greatly available and I bought the golden cutlery I needed. I went to Ikea to buy the wine glasses that looked like the ones I had rented and I thought about using the charger plates I already had.

At midnight on Saturday, as planned, we got to the restaurant, we waited for the service to end and we started to bring down all our things for the setting. The owner this time was not as nice as she had been the first time I met her, I imagine she was tired after a long workday. First of all she told me she did not have all night so I could do all my things, the employees were starting to place the napkins when I told them it was not necessary as I had brought my own pink ones as well as everything else, the owner came out and said she would not allow me to place anything of that in her restaurant, it was practically all my mise in place, the only thing she allowed me to place were the napkins and the table centerpieces.

I had never set up a party in 40 minutes, the owners pressure so I would leave the place soon and her bad manners did not give me the chance to take care of the details as well as of the tables and the decoration for the backdrop and the “confettata”.

I wanted this party to be the most beautiful of all, my little girl’s party, romantic as her dress, everything I had planned in my head was not possible, I took things calmly and let it flow, as things were, I could not do more. Even if it doesn’t look like it, I learned a lot of things that will serve me as experience, for the time being there will not be a next time or a party so important and if there were, I will surely hire a colleague to take care of the work.

At the end the important thing was seeing my little girl so happy, delighted with her dress that she did not take off until she went to bed at the end of the day.

If you want to take a look at all the photos from the event and the final result, I invite you to look at them in our website dedicated to the parties we prepare Tempo di Festa Eventi.

You can also watch a short video of the party in our TikTok profile.

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