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Recycling Pandoro: cake pops recipe 2022/01/11

Although the festivities are over, I bet many homes still have the typical Italian Christmas sweets: pandoro and panettone.

Thanks to the creative cuisine we can recycle them by preparing other sweets and as some products have a long expiration date, we can safe them for later.

I decided to prepare cake pops in two different flavors and I used:

  • 1 pandoro of 750 grs
  • 200 grs of Mascarpone or spreadable cheese
  • 150 grs of apricot jam
  • A chocolate bar of approximately 300 grs.
  • Coconut flour, chocolate chips and pistachio to taste
  • Wooden toothpicks or cake pop sticks

First of all we must finely chop the pandoro. I recommend using a blender or mixer to speed up the process to obtain pandoro powder.

To obtain two cake pop flavors, we cut the chopped pandoro by half and we add jam to one side and mascarpone to the other, a tablespoon at a time.

Mix patiently, you can help by kneading with your hands or the spatula. You will need to obtain a compact mixture to create little balls the size of a nut.

Let them rest for about half an hour, preferably inside the fridge ((I left them on the windowsill given the season and made sure to keep the two flavors of sweets well divided between them).

Meanwhile, we triturate the chocolate…

…we melt in a bain-marie. If you need to refresh your memory I’ll leave you the link of the chocolate pop that we made a while ago.

Dip the toothpicks in the chocolate and then string the balls. Let it rest for a few more minutes and meanwhile keep the chocolate over the pot of hot water with the fire off.

With the help of a spoon, cover the cake pops with melted chocolate and roll them immediately over the chocolate granules or the coconut flour. You can also pour the chocolate into a glass and dip the sweets in it.

Let them cool completely and serve. You’ll have one after the other!

If instead of pandoro you use panettone with candied fruit or another Christmas cake already filled with creams, you will have to reduce the amount of jam or mascarpone and carefully select the external decoration. Avoid sweets with liqueur creams if you offer cake pops to children or tastes that are too particular, for example the combination of lemon and pistachio.

Cake pops are perfect for any type of party, but without a doubt they cannot be absent at a party where sweets and candies are the protagonists: for your little girl's next birthday, choose the party theme candy party box from our store and you will be able to receive all the products to decorate your event directly at home with the courier service.

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