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Fish in salt 2022/05/04

We come across the fish in salt recipe. Its origin goes back to ancient times in the Mediterranean coast regions where sea salt is abundant. If you have not tasted it yet, don’t doubt in preparing this recipe for your next special event.


  • Medium fish per person (between 250 – 300 gr. advisable to ask for it without the viscera), it can be snapper, sea bass or sea bream.
  • At least one pack of coarse salt to cover the fish
  • Salad, lemon

Preparation is the same for any fish you choose. I have chosen two Gilt-head breams (Sparus aurata). Add a light layer of salt at the bottom of the container and place it over a coat of salt and then cover it completely always with coarse salt; I have used about 2 packs.

Put the fish in the oven after preheating at 160°C, heat over and under, for a period of 45 minutes

Carefully take out the container, everything is very hot, including the salt. With a spatula remove as much salt as possible, you will notice it has become hard and it is easy to remove.

You can serve in two ways: an entire fish to each dinner guest, don’t worry about the skin as this can be easily removed after acquiring a leather-type consistency.

Or for a formal dinner and as a second plate select a large fish, between 1 kg and 2 kg and serve in fillets with salad.

Try the recipe! Believe me, this fish is exquisite and not at all salty

It is a pleasure to help with your party

Eli R.

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