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Give a mimosa on the 8th of March? Made in Italy! 03/03/2023


The origin of Women’s Day goes back to the 8th of March, 1908, when an accidental fire in an American textile factory killed 129 women workers that were on a strike caused by the working conditions.

The following year, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated in the U.S.A in memory of the tragedy.

Today, Women's Day still serves to remember the social, economic and political achievements of women, but unfortunately also the discrimination and violence to which they are still subjected in all parts of the world.

In Italy, in 1922, on initiative of the communist party, the celebration of the female figure started on March 8th. Only twenty years later in Rome the UDI (Union of Italian Women) was established and a vote was held to choose a flower to represent Women's Day.

There were many flowers in the competition: anemones and carnations won second and third place, while mimosa won first place.

The mimosa is a small flower of an intense yellow color that grows in clusters and is originally from Australia. It has well adapted to the Old World, it blooms in unfavorable soil and in the most severe weather conditions, becoming the symbol of the difficult history of women.

The language of flowers, the meaning of the mimosa, despite being a very delicate flower, it is linked to strength and femininity, but it is also used to express freedom and autonomy.

Which flower, then, could best represent women, the struggles for rights and the strength that women have shown throughout history?

But that is not all. The mimosa blooms from January to February, the period that precedes the recurrence of the 8th of March. As it is the end of winter, its beautiful vivid color that starts to paint the gardens it gives us the idea that spring is coming and that gives us energy and good mood.

Also, we have to take into account the economic factor: the mimosas, in fact, are not an expensive flower, you just have to compare it with a bouquet of roses, and this allows anybody to dedicate a floral tribute to their woman.

In Tempo di Festa® we also want to pay tribute to all our customers by dedicating them a small gift: a bookmarker in three different models to download for free, print without limits, cut out and give away to all the women: friends, colleagues, teachers, mothers, daughters, etc. to be used in moments of relaxation, when you feel comfortable with a good book to read.

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