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April 1st: innocent (or almost) pranks to play with friends 03/22/2023


After learning about the distant origins of the pranks of April 1st, wandering through the web I found some silly ideas that you can also easily roll out, little innocent pranks… or almost… to play, even to the youngest of the house!


Print and cut out carefully the images of cockroaches, spiders and centipedes that you will find below, you can enlarge them or reduce them to your liking. With a piece of double sided tape paste them inside lampshade or a ceiling light and wait for someone to turn on the lights!


An authentic classic to scare and see the reaction!

Cans with sounds, also known as stadium horns to paste with adhesive tape in hidden places and enjoy the results!


Between the fresh fruits and vegetables, why not place a silly little plastic animal? Whether you can see the thing or the little face, we suggest snakes, mice, frogs... You can easily find them in toy stores, some are really realistic!


On the lower outer part of the windshield of the car (see photo) put drops of tempera colors in order like the rainbow. If the weather doesn't permit the use of the wiper, you can encourage its use by creating a bird dropping on the driver's side with a white color... The car owner will surely want to wash it and at that time the rainbow will shine too! !


If your children are used to have cereal for breakfast, prepare a cup and put it in the freezer the night before. It will be fun to see their faces when they try to eat it!

You can do the same with an fruit juice, a brioche or cookies.

Draw and paste little eyes in their lunch, they will think of you while they are at school!

Replace their pillows with balloons carefully inserted in the pillowcases.

They will have the last laugh before good night!

Happy April 1st everybody!


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