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DIY Clock: we participated in the Friendly Challenge 144 2021/12/30


It’s great and a pleasure to organize the Friendly Challenge for the first time, in which we have been able to participate some times before. This month’s theme was the clock and here we present our work with a little tutorial.

The new year is almost here and the tradition dictates that something old must be thrown away to leave space for new things.

That is why I decided to create something new for my home: a clock.

Even though it is winter, I am thinking about my favorite season and I have decorated my clock with a summer theme using seashells.


  • Wood plank 25 cm x 25 cm
  • 12 seashells
  • Hot glue
  • White, blue, golden and bronze tempera and paintbrushes
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Wooden stick of 1.5 cm in height
  • Electric drill
  • Clock mechanism (in DIY stores or online)

Using diagonals, find the center of the wooden plank and mark it.

Drill a hole.

From the wooden stick, cut 4 pieces and make a small hole in one of the pieces. These will be used as spacers for the clock’s mechanism. If the mechanism is equipped with a hanger, this step will not be necessary.

With white tempera, color the sphere. I used plywood as it absorbs lots of color so I gave it several coats of paint, leaving it to dry between one coat and the other. This is the result with 4 coats of color.

I wanted to highlight the hands coloring them with blue tempera.

To decorate the sphere, first I diluted the sky-blue tempera a lot almost as if it was watercolor and made some quick brush strokes trying to recreate the shape of a coral. Once it is dry, I brush again with blue without diluting it and finally golden and bronze. I also draw little starfishes and the background.

I pasted the wooden pieces to the posterior part of the clock holding the one that has the hole in the upper part and...

...I installed the mechanism.

Paste the seashells clockwise and the clock is ready.

As I said, I was inspired by my favorite season of the year and I thought about a combination like a gift or a souvenir for the guests after a ceremony or ocean themed event. You can find the party kit in our store.

With this clock we participated in the Reto Amistoso 144 (Friendly Challenge) which we proudly present as it was the first time we organized this lovely challenge.

Our host for the 145 Friendly Challenge is Eulalia of the Atelier de Yayi blog. I am very happy and grateful she accepted the challenge that entails all the organization. I invite you to visit her blog and the proposal she has for January 2022.

Thank you for visiting!

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  • commentario reloj
    By: Mia On 30/12/2021

    I love your beautiful clock, Sandra. Enjoy!
    I thought the post was for tomorrow (January 30), but now I saw your post, so I posted mine too.
    Sending you kisses from Greece and wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR,

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 11/01/2022 Muchas Gracias Mia por visitarnos y por participar! feliz año a ti también! un abrazo.

  • Reto amistoso
    By: Mariela On 30/12/2021

    Un reloj con aire a mar, una hermosa idea bien veraniega. Me encanta con los caracoles en lugar de los números!
    Felicitaciones! Besitos...

    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 11/01/2022 Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario y tu visita. un abrazo.

  • comentario reloj
    By: EULALIA PALOMEQUE On 30/12/2021

    Precioso el reloj, muy original.



    Replied by: A. Sandra Molina On 30/12/2021 Muchisimas gracias! un abrazo y feliz año

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