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Dates filled with mascarpone and walnuts, the recipe 2021/12/07

Dates filled with mascarpone and walnuts are sweets very easy to prepare, soft and crunchy at the same time thanks to the mascarpone grains and walnuts.

They have a lot of calories and energy so, consider 3 to 4 sweets per person.

Prepare 20 filled dates using:

  • Pitted sugar-coated dates
  • 130 g of mascarpone
  • 10 – 15 walnuts

First, open the walnuts trying not to break the grains too much. You can also use shelled walnuts.

Gently open the dates. If you have the ones with the stone, cut them gently in length and pull them out with the tip of the knife.

Fill them with a teaspoon of mascarpone and lightly as if you were to close the dates. It is not necessary to sweeten the mascarpone because sugar coated dates are very sweet.

Let the walnuts sink in the mascarpone.

The walnuts will create two fantastic contrasts: the first, crunchy-smooth with the mascarpone and second, bittersweet with the date. An explosion of different flavors and texture for the palate.

A real pleasure to serve at the end of a meal while waiting for midnight or to be served in the first hours of dawn … for sure there will still be space in the belly!

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