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How to make flower vases with decorated jars 2022/07/05

For those who like bohemian, rustic or natural styles, undoubtfully these arrangements are a beautiful occasion to express these styles.

Today I will show you a guide on how to make your own flower arrangements, essential details to embellish your parties.


  • Jars of your choosing
  • Spray paint you like (matte or shiny)
  • Natural ropes
  • Natural primary flowers in clear tones: Roses, Gerbera, Peony, Ranunculus
  • Flowers and leaves for foliage: Baby’s breath, Ivy, Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus), Lavender, Freesia, Lisianthus, Various leaves

Keep beautiful jars, take of the labels and wash very thoroughly inside and outside. I usually keep particular jars and bottles to always have them at hand and embellish any occasion.

One of the options is to paint the jars. For this, first read the instructions that come in the paint can, do this craft outside or in a very well ventilated space. I have painted some jars in the inside and others in the outside, the result varies. I particularly like the ones painted in the outside better and in white matte, as I show it in the tutorial.

It is a matter of choosing the finish you like the most. Make a couple of tests between matte paint and shiny paint or painting in the outside and painting in the inside, here I show you how the jar looks (in the center) compared to ceramic plant pot. For this presentation I suggest the plant is in a pot (like this yogurt container) and then introduce the jar because if you place the plant directly in the jar, this will not have drainage. Fat plants are a beautiful presentation for simple arrangements.

By putting only Baby’s Breath you already have a beautiful flower arrangement and to avoid the jar’s thread ring to be visible, cover with long leaves suck as a palm, a spider leaf plant, etc. To give color and that campestral and bohemian touch we are looking for, put the Baby’s Breath along with daisies of diverse species.

The jar thread ring is covered with long leaves, pin up with small hooks or cross the leaves with toothpicks, add water, place the ivy leaves in the jar’s outline and then place the flowers in groups of three.

I suggest you integrate 3 different elements and at lest 3 of each one of them, for example; 3 roses, 3 small flower bouquets (Baby’s Breath), 3 foliage branches.

You will find jars that don’t require painting because they are beautiful as they are. For these jars use natural ropes to hide the thread ring, daisies and Baby’s Breath are an ideal combination for a bohemian style.

Look at these three groups of flowers for an arrangement in pink shades; roses, Antirrhinum majus (snapdragon) and garlic’s (little flowers for the foliage) in tall jars.

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It is my pleasure to help with your party

Eli R

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