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How to make a jewelry shoe 03/01/2023


Yes indeed, a creative recycling of an egg carton that will find new life in a delicate open jewelry shoe, a complement that girls cannot do without.


  • Egg carton
  • EVA rubber of your favorite colors; I chose pink, fuchsia and silver with glitter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Glitter stickers
  • Stencil with shapes

Download the below image with the pattern of the different pieces to make the shoe and print it in A4 format.

Cut out the Piece 1 or the shoe sole, place it in the egg carton, cut it out and cover it on both sides with the EVA rubber pasting it with hot silicon

Cut a cone out of the egg carton making sure to make a bevel cut in the base circle (the thickest part). This will be the heel of the shoe.

Take the measurements and cover it by pasting the EVA rubber. I used fuchsia on the inside and pink on the outside of the heel, a color that I will use for the entire shoe.

Do not forget the detail of the heel protector.

Paste the heel to the sole and fold the latter twice as shown in the photo to give it the proper shape. A tip: use the heel as a measure for the pleats.

Cut out figure 2 of the pattern, the heel part, transfer it to the foamy and cut it out, then paste it to the sole as shown.

Now go to figure 3, the top one, and do the same procedure. Before pasting it to the shoe, decorate it with sticky glitter.

Paste it on and finish the heel part with a lot of sheen.

The last part of the shoe, figure 4, is a small plateau to be placed in the lower part of the toecap, which would be in contact with the ground.

Paste the platform and finish the entire contour of the shoe with a thin 4-5 mm strip of EVA rubber to hide the different layers of cardboard and rubber. Use silver glitter to create a color contrast.

Now we are going to make a decorative bow: cut a strip of foamy of about 8x4 cm, fold the ends towards the center and paste them. Pinch the center part and secure with hot glue, then cover with a 1cm wide band. If you wish, add a bit of glitter.

Cut 4 rectangles of 5x4cm.

One will need to be folded in half and pasted to the edge, the other 3 will turn into rolls.

Once attached to the shoe as you see in the photo, they will be used to put on rings and earrings.

Here is our finished shoe, we also had fun making them in other colors.

To give to friends, to keep in the bedroom, the girls will go crazy!

Depending on the colors of the gum you'll be using, you can use these as decorations or give them away to guests during a Diva themed party or party inspired in Cinderella.

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