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Santa Claus Mailbox 2021/11/16

Christmas is near and today we will prepare Santa’s mailbox with simple and affordable materials.

We need:

  • Hot glue
  • Striated cardboard (recycled from a box of cookies)
  • Packing carton, better if it is thick
  • PDF box pattern
  • Wooden stick
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Red gouache and painting brush
  • Small Christmas ornaments and white tape (I chose one with sequin, but a white satin ribbon, cord or Christmas motive not higher than half an inch)

First of all, download and print the Santa Claus that you will find below. I named the parts A B C and D so they are easier to distinguish.

Draw some squares of 7 x 7 cm in the carton, cut them and pierce them in the center, except one.

The thicker the carton is, the lesser squares you’ll need. The final thickness to obtain will be less than one centimeter.

Paste the squares together, being careful to align them correctly and make sure the holes match.

The unpierced carton will go in the bottom and this will be the base of mailbox.

Cut out the patterns and place them in the striated cardboard. Attention: parts C and D must remain adhered and must correspond to the fold of the striated cardboard.

Cut out all the drawn pieces.

Insert the wooden stick in the holes of the base previously prepared and mark with a pencil where it fits in the base.

With another piece of the striated cardboard, wrap the wooden stick being careful to leave the marked edge outwards and secure it with hot glue.

Put a bit of the glue in the hole and pinup the coated pole

Assemble the mailbox securing it with hot glue.

Piece D is the bottom of the box and needs to be glued to the 8cm sides of A.

To close the box, glue B and trim if necessary.

Below is a front and back diagram of the box assembly

Paste the box to the stick

Paint the box with red gouache

When it is dry, use the tape to create a line along all the edges and a spiral in the stick. Paste the other Christmas ornaments to the base and to the box.

Your box is ready to give away and it can contain a congratulation letter, a precious gift or, why not?, a money bill.

You can prepare a mailbox for each guest and give it to them during your Christmas lunch decorated with the kit of Santa Claus theme party that you can automatically download from our store.

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